Why is a bilingual kindergarten an investment in your child's future?

The modern world poses many challenges to our children. One of them is the ability to communicate in multiple languages. Have you ever wondered how to prepare your child for this multilingual reality? There may be a solution bilingual kindergarten!

What is intentional bilingualism?

Intentional bilingualism is consciously teaching children two languages at the same time from an early age. Unlike incidental bilingualism, where children learn two languages in an uncontrolled setting, in intentional bilingualism they are systematically exposed to both languages in a controlled environment.

Why is a bilingual kindergarten a good idea?

In a bilingual kindergarten preschoolers are exposed to English (or another language) in everyday situations. Through playing, singing and learning, children acquire new vocabulary and language structures in a natural and stress-free way.

Benefits of English in children

  • Cognitive development: Research shows that bilingual children have better ability to concentrate, are more creative and are better able to cope with multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Ease of learning new languages: Children who learn English in kindergarten have an easier time learning other languages in the future.
  • Social benefits: Knowing English opens many doors in the future - from better schools to great jobs.
  • Cultural understanding: Children learning English from an early age have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the culture and values of other nations.

How to help your child learn English?

If you are wondering how to support your child's language development outside of kindergarten, here are some tips:

  • Read books in English.
  • Watch together fairy tales or films in English.
  • Have fun educational games aimed at children learning English.
  • Encourage for conversations in English in everyday situations.

Remember that Intentional bilingualism it is an investment in your child's future. In a bilingual kindergarten, your child will not only gain valuable language skills, but also learn to be open to the world and other people.

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