Do the children adopt their parents' behavior?

Do the children adopt their parents' behavior?

Parents are role models for their children, and they, in turn, are their mirror images. There is no doubt about it. Therefore, in this post, we will try to answer one of the most frequently asked questions: do children adopt their parents' bad behavior? We invite you to read.

Like a parent, such a child. 

Wondering if the kids pick up on their parents' bad behavior? The answer, although simple, may surprise many people. Contrary to appearances, the youngest do not have bad behavior in their blood or suck it out with their mother's milk - they are simply the best observers. 

Do you remember the moments when children, when addressing you, used your words or statements? The youngest are watching closelyhow mom and dad interpret the world, treat other people and establish relationships, and how they approach their work and responsibilities.

If you don't see it yet - wait. There will come a time when you will observe your baby's good qualities, but unfortunately also his shortcomings. It's natural. Over time, you will certainly notice how your actions and words contribute to your child's motivation and attitude, which will begin to reflect them as a teenager or adult.

The child watches what you do and say. Unconsciously interprets your behavior and duplicates it in relationships with other people. Also often when you are not around.

Parent, work on yourself!

Very important, to consciously analyze your behaviorbecause it is from mom and dad that children learn respect, humility, money management skills, establishing relationships, empathy, motivation to work and many, many more. Our children observe how we interpret the world, treat other people and establish relationships.

They are said to not do what we tell them, but rather emulate what we do ourselves. They analyze, learn and draw conclusions, much faster than you think. They are a reflection of parents and their behavior.

Child psychologists say it's in a child's head the parents' everyday behavior is most perpetuated - their habits, tone of voice, tendency to criticize and complain, or attitude towards other people.

After all, if mom and dad do this - it means that it must be the only possible way to behave properly. We also often send conflicting information - we say that we are not allowed to do something, and then we ourselves act exactly the same. Do you know it from experience? Probably every parent knows it.

It is for these reasons that it is really worth working on your behavior and above all draw conclusions from the mistakes made.

Be the best version of yourself. 

Do the children pick up on their parents' bad behavior? Yes of course. Unconsciously, we pass on anger, fear, frustration and approach to life, but also joy, positive attitude, faith in our own abilities and expression.

Remember, a child at this stage of development will not be able to objectively assess the situation and modify their behavior by making a decision - "daddy shouldn't say that." We adults often have a problem with this, but it depends on us what patterns we will pass on to our children.

Remember that the most important thing in this is us and our behavior. By working on yourself - habits, attitudes, motivation and behaviors - you set an example and help your child develop properlythat will draw the best examples from you. Remember that!

Orange train and unique trainings for parents

You already know that children pick up bad behavior from their parents. We hope this guide is a good start to working on parenting skills. In the Orange Ciuchcia Kindergartens, we make sure that parents they had the opportunity to work on their competences. This is very important to us. That is why we systematically offer caregivers to participate in trainings and workshops that may contribute to a better understanding of their child. It doesn't have to be difficult at all! All you need to do is change your approach and not repeat mistakes.

Believe us, it's really worth it - zWe have already been trusted by hundreds of parentsfor whom it is not only the well-being of the child that counts, but the well-being of the whole family. We understand this and we want to help you.

"Orange Train Kindergarten, with the good of your family in mind"

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