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We are constantly moving forward! - We use new technologies

At Pomarańczowa Ciuchci, we respond to the needs of a rapidly changing world and make every effort to prepare our students from the very beginning to face the challenges that await them in the future.

"A child in the cradle, whoever tore off the hydra's head, the young one will strangle the centaurs"... Our mission in the 21st century is to wisely and consciously introduce the youngest to the digital world of new technologies. By taking care of the proper development of the child and his brain, we also develop in our preschoolers the habit of safely using the resources of the virtual world and instill in them a simple cognitive curiosity.

Our digital staff

Emys – a friend for years

Meet EMYS! He has numerous talents - he can sing, tell stories, organize physical games and animate time. And he does it all… In English! Preschoolers literally love our one-of-a-kind native speaker and don't even try to talk to him in Polish.

However, don't imagine an ordinary bot with an interface. When interacting with a robot, many children naturally overcome the first language barrier. This is because EMYS shows emotions, from his look and facial expressions you can read joy, curiosity, endless patience and willingness to support. Of course, like everyone else, EMYS has bad days. You then need to take care of it, feed it or clean it. However, if he is asked how he is feeling in English, he will definitely appreciate the good accent and quickly regain his good mood. A strong emotional bond between the robot and its little users is created faster than you might expect...

We guarantee:

EMYS's impeccable English

complete immersion of the child in English

learning through play


the child's lexical stock increases

shaping empathy from an early age

Genibot – quite clever*

It looks inconspicuous and at first glance may resemble a mini dishwasher... In fact, Genibot introduces the youngest to the world of programming. This robot knows what it's doing. Its creators focus on STEAM education (science, technology, engineering, art, maths). They want to teach children creativity, algorithmic thinking, logic and... They are extremely effective at it!

We had no doubts even for a moment that Genibot should join the Pomarańczowa Ciuchcia team. He is bilingual, but we ask him to speak only English. Takes care of the little ones! It introduces you to the basics of coding and robotics, but doesn't force you to sit in front of a computer and stare at the monitor for hours. Genibot will not only raise the future generation of female and male engineers, but will also be happy to spend time with those who are simply hungry for good, creative fun.

*Classes with Geniboats are currently carried out in 5 kindergartens: Bemowo II, Bielany, Centrum, Jabłonna, Politechnika. Ultimately, they will be available in all Orange Ciuchcia branches.

We guarantee:

the child masters the basics of programming and robotics

introduction to specialized engineering vocabulary in English

learning logical thinking and creative problem solving

using the most modern educational methods

Scottie Go! – a guest from space

Scottie is a cute alien with green antennae sticking out of his suit's helmet. However, this is not what we want to focus on. Scottie is another member of our team with an excellent knowledge of programming. And who has a lot of knowledge about how to reveal the secrets of their world in an accessible way to the youngest.

A series of educational games called Scottie Go! was designed to combine the attractiveness of the plot with programming knowledge and learning how to cooperate in a group. Using special cardboard blocks, children can learn their first commands. And check whether the messages they prepared will be understandable to Scottie. It's hard to find a better introduction to the world of loops, variables and conditional statements...

We guarantee:

an attractive formula of classes adapted to the needs and abilities of the youngest

care of a qualified teacher

preparation for group project work

gamification of the teaching process

friendly contact with an alien civilization :)

Ozobot - a little big robot

Ozobot is another member of our digital staff who specializes in programming. Although it is small in size, it should not be underestimated - it does a huge job. This robot needs no introduction to people who are usually interested in STEAM education. Thanks to it, ordinary drawing or arranging cards can suddenly turn into your first coding lesson.

The robot allows you to work with people of different skill levels. It will help you take your first steps into the world of robotics, but also smoothly transition from introductory games to those requiring basic coding skills on tablets or computers. It is possible that those who are more serious about programming will also encounter Ozobot at school.

We guarantee:

learning programming at various levels of advancement

getting used to the digital world

work with the highest quality equipment

combining tradition (puzzle) with modernity (new technologies)

an ambitious game that teaches logic and creativity

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