Positive discipline in preschool

We are practitioners of positive discipline

We are proud and happy to announce that the Orange Ciuchcia Kindergarten was the first in Poland to receive the Certificate of Positive Discipline Practitioners

This means that:

  • we implement an educational program based on the need for belonging, importance and safety that children have,
  • we respect the rights of children to be treated with the same respect as adults,
  • we focus on making positive rules and teaching children what we consider important: social competences, empathy, self-control, motivation, cooperation skills and critical thinking.
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With positive discipline

  • we will help your child discover how capable and competent he is, we will encourage them to constructively use their personal strength and autonomy
  • we will strengthen self-esteem, self-confidence, internal motivation to act
  • we will teach you effective communication, problem-solving skills, and building lasting relationships
    and making friends
  • we will teach independence and independence.

How do we do it?

  • We operate based on relationships, bonds and a sense of security. 

  • We respect the right of children to be treated with the same respect as adults. 

  • We follow the principle of being polite and firm at the same time. 

  • We provide children with as many opportunities as possible to practice new skills and learn from mistakes. We do not do for the child what he can do on his own.

  • We develop children's inner self-control and honesty so that they can do the right thing - regardless of punishments or rewards.
  • Instead of consequences, we focus on solutions - inviting children to actively solve problems.
  • We teach endurance by using encouragement instead of praise.
  • We replace commands with questions full of curiosity - developing motivation, cooperation and critical thinking skills.
  • We promote cooperation and empathy, we encourage you to help others.

Joanna Goc-Matyskiel

The Orange Ciuchcia watches over the implementation of Positive Discipline in kindergartens and nurseries Project Director and Positive Discipline educator Joanna Goc-Matyskiel.

Since 2019, Ms Joanna regularly conducts workshops and training for our teachers on the practical use of the Positive Discipline strategy in everyday didactic and educational work. 

Supervision of activities carried out in the Orange Ciuchcia Kindergartens is carried out by the precursor of Positive Discipline in Poland and the only certified trainer of Positive Discipline of Early Childhood and Positive Discipline in Sylwia Anderson-Haney's class.

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