About us

Orange Ciuchcia - Academy of the future

For 26 years we have been there for your children who are the most important people in the world to us. During this time, together with you, we have created a huge "Ciuchcia community".
We have already been trusted by over 19,000 parents.
This gives us strength and faith in the success of our mission.

Trusted by 19,000 parents

26 years of experience

11 locations

Continuity of education from nursery to primary school

adaptacja w pomarańczowej ciuchci / przedszkole warszawa

Our mission

Academy of the Future. With the future of your child in mind!

We always follow the child - with us every child feels important. Our goal is to guarantee a safe, happy childhood, and comprehensive development. We pay special attention to individual needs and talents, learning foreign languages, social and emotional skills. Our priority is to develop children's competences which will help their success in the future.