Swimming lessons

What makes us unique?

Our preschoolers - from two of our facilities: Mokotów and the Warsaw University of Technology - as part of optional classes, they learn to swim in swimming pools adjacent to kindergartens.
Classes are conducted by qualified instructors.
They take place during the children's stay in kindergarten, which makes parents very happy because it saves a lot of time. 

Kindergarten Mokotów swimming lessons

We are glad that we have the opportunity to organize such activities because they provide children with a lot of joy and, above all, have a great impact on their comprehensive development:

develop motor skills

improve motor coordination

improve overall physical fitness

strengthen the back muscles

prevent spine curvatures

increase self-esteem

develop motor skills

improve motor coordination

improve overall physical fitness

strengthen the back muscles

prevent spine curvatures

increase self-esteem

You can start learning to swim as early as infancy, but many people decide to start learning at preschool age, when children are more independent and able to learn basic swimming techniques. It is important to adapt the pace of learning to the child's individual abilities and needs. In selected Pomarańczowa ciuchcia facilities, swimming lessons are organized during the child's stay in the kindergarten, in swimming pools adjacent to the kindergarten.

It is worth starting to teach children how to swim by getting them used to the water - by playing in a shallow paddling pool or learning to submerge their heads. Then, under the supervision of a qualified instructor, children can learn basic swimming techniques, such as floating, kicking their legs or moving their arms. Support and a positive approach to learning to swim in kindergarten and beyond are the key to success.

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Swimming lessons for preschoolers from Mokotów and Warsaw University of Technology

We are perfectly aware that physical activity in children is not only important for their healthy development, but also for their well-being and ensuring great fitness. Therefore, swimming lessons for preschoolers from our Mokotów and Warsaw University of Technology facilities are optional classes that focus on developing swimming skills from an early age. It is an extremely fascinating experience that not only helps you get used to water, but also develops various skills and brings joy to every moment spent in the pool. Our students use facilities located next to kindergartens. Classes take place during your child's stay at the facility. Thanks to this, you save time and do not have to look for additional places for swimming classes outside the kindergarten.

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Swimming lessons for preschoolers Warsaw – what are the benefits of swimming?

Additional swimming lessons in kindergarten have many benefits and cover various aspects. These are primarily:

  • physical development – exercises in water engage various muscle groups, supporting the development of motor skills and strength. Moreover, they strengthen the immune system, improve the functioning of the heart and respiratory system, motor coordination and prevent spine curvatures.
  • social integration – children experience the joy of learning together, learn cooperation and develop communication skills. Positive discipline in kindergarten and swimming classes, as one of the educational methods, is also an opportunity to build children's self-esteem, which translates into good relationships with peers.
  • discovering new interests – swimming classes can encourage children to further explore different forms of sport and recreation;
  • building self-confidence – learning to swim creates conditions for gradually overcoming one's limitations and acquiring new skills. By gaining self-confidence in the water, children also gain confidence in their abilities in other areas of life.
  • intellectual development – children who swim regularly show a higher level of cognitive function than people who cannot swim. This means that children who have acquired swimming skills are smarter than their peers who do not have such skills.

Teaching preschoolers to swim - professionalism and individual approach

In our facilities, we emphasize professionalism and an individual approach, providing children with safe and joyful experiences in the water. Classes for the youngest are conducted exclusively under the supervision of experienced instructors who specialize in working with young people. Trainers try to adapt teaching methods to the individual needs and skills of each child. This makes the program suitable for both beginners and those who have already had contact with water. During children's activities they learn correct technique and coordination of movements. Teaching preschoolers to swim in Warsaw is combined with elements of fun, which makes the classes attractive and enjoyable for the youngest. We use modern and colorful equipment.

Teaching preschoolers to swim - water safety

Teaching preschoolers to swim is not only about acquiring water skills, but above all, ensuring children's safety in the water. During classes, instructors develop children's awareness of proper behavior in the water environment. Toddlers learn, among other things:

  • how to avoid potential threats
  • how to breathe properly to avoid aspiration
  • coping with various situations by the water
  • get to know your body and your own capabilities.

Teaching preschoolers to swim – when to start?

Many parents wonder when to start learning to swim. It is recommended that children start their adventure with water from an early age. Starting swimming lessons at an early age allows you to gradually become familiar with the water and helps develop motor coordination and motor skills. Learning to swim for preschoolers is not only about acquiring swimming skills, but also shaping a positive attitude towards physical activity and building foundations for further swimming pool activities. Therefore, it is worth considering starting swimming lessons for preschoolers at an early age.

Swimming lessons – where to start?

When starting swimming lessons for children, the key element is to create a friendly and safe atmosphere that will allow children to develop their swimming skills. Therefore, instructors provide the youngest children with a sense of comfort and confidence by gradually introducing them to the water. Children take part in games in a shallow paddling pool and learn to immerse their heads first. The coaches then start teaching basic swimming techniques, such as floating, kicking the legs and moving the arms.

Are you looking for a facility that offers swimming lessons for preschoolers? Pomarańczowa Ciuchcia in Mokotów and the Warsaw University of Technology are branches that offer swimming lessons in their program and focus on proper nutrition of children in kindergarten.

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