We invite children and parents to join us on an educational journey, the pillars of which are:

  • attachment parenting – an upbringing style based on providing the child with closeness, mutual respect and respect for the needs of both parties;
  • communication without violence – a communication method that aims to support dialogue between people and build relationships based on empathy and taking into account the needs of all people;
  • self-reg – learning self-regulation, identification and management of emotions, allowing children to return to a state of balance that is necessary for development;
  • mindfulness – mindfulness training, mind exercises based on concentrating on the present moment and trying to consciously experience it with full attention and clarity of mind; 
  • positive discipline – an educational method based on mutual love and respect. Supports the development of responsibility and independence in children of all ages.


  • Learning to respect differences – learning a strategy that allows you to express your needs while respecting the boundaries of others.
  • Practicing mindfulness through exercises that develop self-awareness, gratitude and kindness.
  • Recognizing, naming, expressing and accepting one's own and others' emotions.
  • Learning support techniques self-regulation process and applying them in everyday kindergarten practice.
  • Perpetuating the belief that mistakes are a great opportunity to learn.
  • Learning to apologize by action.
  • Learning conflict resolution strategies – focus on solutions.
  • Building internal motivation and self-esteem in children based on their agency and awareness of strengths and areas for development.
  • Building awareness of necessity taking care of well-being in preschoolers and teachers.
  • Introduction and year-round modification of group rules, routines and positions depending on the needs of the children and the group.


Although our goals are ambitious, we know that we will succeed because we believe that the most important thing we can equip children with are emotional, social and life competences.

As a result:

  • We are working on the author's Attachment Educational Program, prepared by our psychologists, certified educators and trainers.
  • In our daily educational work, we focus on: develop emotional intelligence in children. Additionally, we devote one day a week to learning strategies, including: : :
    – dealing with conflict situations,
    – expressing your own needs and setting boundaries with respect for others,
    – treating mistakes as learning opportunities
    – building internal motivation based on agency and making your own contribution.
  • Each of our locations is covered constant psychological care.
  • Psychologists not only look after the emotional needs of children and teachers, but also conduct monthly supervisions Psychological Workshops, individually tailored to each group. From consultations with specialists parents can also use it for free.
  • We organize periodically training and mentoring meeting for teachers, in order to support the personal development of those who, in addition to their knowledge and skills, use the power of modeling in their everyday work.
  • We make sure that all our colleagues and specialists work, based on relationships with children, communicated with the language of empathy, encouraged children to cooperate without rewards, and focused instead on consequences searching for solutions together with children.
  • We communicate to parents what values guide us in our educational work and how important is the cooperation between the family home and the kindergarten in this field.
  • We created Orange Parent Academy, in which our specialists share knowledge and experience and support parents in meeting everyday challenges, including:
    – we organize workshops and webinars for parents on parenting topics
    – we run a blog
    – on social media, we share proven ways to be an effective parent who respects the child's needs and who also knows how important taking care of a child is to take care of their own needs.

Joanna Goc-Matyskiel

The implementation of our original closeness educational program is supervised by a team of psychologists, certified educators and trainers under the supervision of Joanna Goc-Matyskiel – project director and Positive Discipline educator.

Since 2019, Ms Joanna regularly conducts workshops and training for our teachers on the practical use of the Positive Discipline strategy in everyday didactic and educational work. 

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Attachment education - building strong relationships 

You probably already have some idea of the importance of upbringing in the spirit of closeness when you enter the term "closeness kindergarten" in the search engine and what does it mean? So what exactly is this approach? Attachment education is not only about providing an appropriately constructed curriculum, but above all, creating an atmosphere based on mutual trust, understanding and acceptance. Teachers full of empathy and passion for teaching they play the role of not only educators, but also caring observers who support children in discovering the world and understanding their emotions. This approach favors building deep relationships, which are the foundation for developing appropriate social attitudes and mental well-being.

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Pomarańczowa Ciuchcia proximity kindergarten - friendly atmosphere and safe environment

The Pomarańczowa Ciuchcia proximity kindergarten is a unique and innovative form of educational facility focused on creating a harmonious and friendly atmosphere, as well as a safe environment for the youngest. This is a place where the priority is not only to develop children's intellectual abilities, but also to build strong bonds between teachers and students and to support the development of preschoolers on many levels. That is why our proximity kindergarten in Warsaw goes beyond the traditional teaching framework, focusing on developing social competences such as:

  • ability to establish relationships with peers and teachers;
  • cooperation with other children through team games, joint projects and everyday interactions;
  • solving problems and conflicts.

Pomarańczowa Ciuchcia proximity kindergartens – adaptation classes for the youngest

The Pomarańczowa Ciuchcia kindergarten attaches great importance to the adaptation process of children. That's why we offer parents and their children aged 1 to 4 adaptive classes that help the youngest get used to the new surroundings, peers and caregivers. Adaptation in kindergarten primarily general development and integration games, during which children establish their first relationships with other children and teachers. Our adaptive classes are just the beginning a beautiful adventure together, full of joy, learning and support.

Attachment nursery – supporting children at the initial stage of education

To meet the expectations of parents from Warsaw, we also run a close-knit nursery. Our approach is based on the understanding that the first years of life are crucial for a child's further development. That's why we create a safe and comfortable space where each child is treated individually. We make sure that provide children with support tailored to their unique needs, pace of development and interests. We work to build a safe environment in which the youngest can freely explore, discover and develop their abilities.

Therefore, a nursery and kindergarten are much more than just educational institutions. These are primarily institutions focused on creating an environment in which the child feels comfortable accepted, safe and ready to explore the world. This holistic approach to development, which takes into account both intellectual and emotional aspects, shapes individuals ready for various challenges. Discover what ours offers private kindergartens Warsaw and take care of your child's comprehensive development, based on the values of closeness education.

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