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We support parents - we share our experience.

Being a parent is a great adventure and one of the greatest challenges at the same time. We know that the perfect parent does not exist, so it is worth focusing on being the "good enough" - conscious, supportive, meeting children's needs. Therefore, the parents of our current and future preschoolers, who want to develop their educational skills, who care about contact with the child based on mutual understanding and respect, are cordially invited to Orange Parent Academy.

Episode I.

Jak być wystarczająco dobrym rodzicem i mądrze wspierać swoje dziecko w rozwoju?

Episode II

Dlaczego naukę pisania i czytania warto rozpocząć już w przedszkolu, czyli rozmowa o Glottodydaktyce.

Episode III

Math education in kindergarten, i.e. a conversation about Children's Mathematics.

Episode IV

Conversation about successful adaptation, i.e. how to prepare yourself and your child to start an adventure with kindergarten or nursery.

Episode V

Dlaczego warto zapisać dziecko do przedszkola dwujęzycznego, czyli rozmowa o dwujęzyczności w teorii i praktyce.

Episode VI

School maturity, or what every 5 and 6-year-old parent should know

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