We invite you to read the answers to the questions we are most frequently asked. If your question is not answered in the list below, please contact us by phone or arrange a no-obligation meeting with the director. Just send your application by clicking the button below and the director of the selected facility will contact you. You're welcome!


We accept registration for Pomarańczowa Ciuchcia kindergartens and nurseries all year round - subject to availability of places. Registration for the new kindergarten year begins in January. Groups fill up quickly, so we encourage you to consider registering for the selected facility well in advance. The place is guaranteed by a signed contract.

Step 1: Make an appointment with the facility's director.


Please send a report to the selected facility via the form MAKE AN APPOINTMENT.
The director of the facility will call you back and answer your important questions and arrange a meeting with you at the facility at a convenient time.


It is also possible call directly to the director of the selected facility:

Bemowo I: + 48 608 200 020

Bemowo II: + 48 660 416 200

Bielany: + 48 690 997 933

Center: + 48 730 057 700

Jabłonna: + 48 600 824 400

Józefosław: + 48 730 000 301

Mokotów: + 48 730 000 039

Piastów: + 48 505 064 505

Politechnika: + 48 451 058 437

Pruszków: + 48 730 300 454

Włochy: + 48 600 200 331


Step 2:

Visit to the facility.
During the meeting, the director will present the kindergarten's offer, answer important questions for you, show you around the facility, and provide you with the documents needed to sign the contract.


We also encourage you to visit the selected facility and meet the director during Open Day. Each of our branches organizes an Open Day once a month from February to June. For parents, it is an excellent opportunity to see how our kindergartens function and talk to the director and staff. During this time, children can participate in integration and general development activities as well as various attractions (including theaters, workshops, shows).   

Check the schedule and sign up for Open day.


Step 3:
Signing the contract for the provision of services.
The last stage of recruitment is signing the contract and completing the Preschooler Card/Toddler Card. This is a guarantee of a place in the selected kindergarten/nursery Pomarańczowa Ciuchcia.

We accept children aged 1.5 to 2.5 to the nursery.

We accept children aged 2.5 to 6 for kindergarten groups.

Yes, we offer discounts for siblings:
– 10% for tuition for the second (older) child
– 50% for tuition for the third and subsequent children

The amount of tuition fees in our kindergartens and nurseries may vary slightly depending on the location and profile of the group. To find out the exact costs, please contact the director of the selected facility directly.
Approximate price lists can be downloaded by sending a request:

In the case of price lists for employees of cooperating companies, you will obtain detailed information directly from the director of the selected facility.

We offer a rich program of extra-curricular activities as part of the tuition fee. When creating it, we were guided by the assumptions Theory of Multiple Intelligences prof. Howard Gardner, so that odiscover and support children's interests and talents, while ensuring their harmonious and comprehensive development.

Our classes:

– Rhythmics with a children's orchestra

- Art workshop

– Ceramics

– KorSenBal or MindHarmonyDance

– Science Workshops / Nature Workshops

– Psychological Workshops

– Corrective and general development gymnastics

– Academia de espanol

– Chess club

– TUS – Social Skills Training

We admit children with a decision on the need for special education to Pomaranczowa Ciuchcia Kindergartens in 2 locations where we run integration groups:
– Bemowo 2 – ul. Kaliskiego 23 B
– Bielany – ul. Bajana 35

The most important thing is the child's well-being and finding the optimal place to support his or her development. Therefore, recruitment to integration groups is carried out as follows:

Stage I – the preschool director and psychologist meet with the parent and discuss in detail the recommendations contained in the decision. On this basis, the parent receives information whether the kindergarten is able to provide the child with appropriate therapeutic support.
Stage II – we invite the child for 1-2 trial days to see how he or she fits in with the group.

Based on these two stages, the director and the psychologist decide whether the facility can provide the scope of therapeutic support the child needs.


When admitting a child to kindergarten/nursery, we do not require any specific skills from him/her. Each child develops at his or her own pace - our role is to support and accompany the child in this development.

Teachers support children in self-service activities, such as dressing, eating, using the toilet. At the same time, they provide space for children to make their own attempts to perform these activities.
We also encourage parents to support their child's independence at home, showing patience when they try to dress themselves, put on shoes, eat a meal or use the toilet. It is important to be with the child and support him when he asks for help, but not to do these things for him.

In the case of children using diapers, the teacher and the parent determine the time to start cleanliness training, taking into account the child's readiness. 

We approach each child and parent individually in the adaptation process, taking into account their readiness and needs.

During the school year from February to June – on selected Saturdays at 10.00-12.00 – we suggest the participation of the child and parent in free Little Ciuchcia Adaptation Classes.
During these classes, in a friendly atmosphere - in the presence of a parent - the child has the opportunity to:
– get to know the surroundings and get used to being in the kindergarten building
– meet the kindergarten staff
– take part in integration and general development games with peers.

During the holiday months: July and August, We offer children with signed contracts participation in Little Gulliver Summer Adaptation Program.

  • In July, we invite you to classes on selected days Gulliver's family travels (from 10.00 to 13.00) – the child is accompanied by a parent. Participation is free.
  • In August, we invite you to classes on selected days Gulliver's independent travels (from 10.00 to 13.00) - the child stays in the room alone - without a parent. Participation is paid.

If a child joins a group during the preschool year, we offer participation in a free adaptation week in this group. The adaptation process is tailored to the needs of the parent and child.  

We encourage parents to complete the layette together with their child. Go shopping, let your child make choices - after all, he will be the one who will use it. Thanks to this, he will feel that he is entering a new stage of life.

Layette composition:

  • toothbrush and toothpaste,
  • slippers – in younger groups, preferably with Velcro,
  • spare clothes,
  • Wellington boots and raincoat,
  • short shorts + T-shirt for sports activities,
  • a pack of wet wipes for children 1.5 – 3 years old,
  • clothes to change into for children who are resting,
  • bedding for children from nursery groups and groups of 2.5-3-year-olds who are resting (pillow, duvet (120/60), fitted sheet (130/80) and hygienic pads,
  • clothes bag,
  • insulated pants for winter,
  • replacement gloves in autumn-winter,
  • sunscreen/or frost protection cream,
  • water bottle or water filter bottle
  • diapers – for children using diapers


Parents wash bedding and sports clothes at home at least once a month.


Each child's clothing should be signed by the parents with their name and surname on a tag or sewn-in ribbon.


Parents buy textbooks and teaching aids individually after receiving a list from the kindergarten director. All items should be signed with the child's name and surname.

Rest is not obligatory.
In nursery groups and in the youngest kindergarten groups, after lunch there is time for rest and quiet for children who need it. Babies can take a nap on comfortable loungers or mattresses while listening to relaxing music.
For children who do not need sleep, calming games are organized at the tables: drawing, arranging puzzles, playing with play dough, listening to fairy tales, etc.  


As experts, we know that the first years of life are crucial in a child's development, and the competences acquired during this time are the basis for success in the future. That is why education at Pomarańczowa Ciuchci is based on proven - including original and innovative - programs and projects, including:

  • Own Intentional Bilingualism Program – one person – one language, with elements of CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), TPR (Total Physical Response) and Phonics
  • Glottodidactics - writing and reading study program by prof. B. Rocławski
  • Children's mathematics - program of prof. E. Gruszczyk-Kolczyńska 
  • Modern technologies: fun in English with the interactive Emys Robot, basics of coding and programming with Ozobots (in institutions: Politechnika, Włochy), programming with Genibot (in institutions: Bemowo II, Bielany, Centrum, Jabłonna, Politechnika), playing with coding on the carpet (5-year-olds), programming with Scottie Go (6-year-olds)
  • Key competences – a program supporting the child's development in acquiring the most important skills that determine subsequent success in personal and professional life
  • The land of relationships in the spirit of Positive Discipline– your own closeness educational and preventive program preparing you to understand your own and other people's emotions and feelings, teaching social values and norms
  • Always active! Always Eco!- a program aimed at developing healthy habits in children, conscious, active spending of time outdoors and a responsible approach to nature
  • Multisensory Education - a project supporting sensory integration, stimulating all senses in children: touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste, as well as deep feeling and balance
  • Friends of nature - own ecological program
  • Little financier – a project developing mathematical, logical, intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligence (6-year-olds)

There are two teachers in the bilingual group: one Polish-speaking and one English-speaking. Thanks to this, from the first days in kindergarten, children are immersed in English (linguistic immersion), which, on an equal footing with Polish, accompanies preschoolers during classes, free play and everyday activities. An English-speaking teacher communicates with everyone (children, parents, teachers) only in English. This is the most natural and effective form of bilingual education, based on the OPOL system - "one parent: one language". Both languages are learned at the same time, in a completely stress-free way, often unnoticeable by children. Additionally, we use modern technologies to learn English, including: English-speaking robots Emysy and Genibots.

Pomarańczowa Ciuchcia is kindergartens and nurseries. We base our educational activities on: own original Attachment Educational Program "The Land of Relationships in the Spirit of Positive Discipline", which prepares you to understand your own and others' emotions and feelings, and teaches social values and norms. Its pillars are:

  • attachment parenting – an upbringing style based on providing the child with closeness, mutual respect and respect for the needs of both parties;
  • communication without violence – a communication method that aims to support dialogue between people and build relationships based on empathy and taking into account the needs of all people;
  • self-reg – learning self-regulation, identification and management of emotions, allowing children to return to a state of balance that is necessary for development;
  • mindfulness – mindfulness training, mind exercises based on concentrating on the present moment and trying to consciously experience it with full attention and clarity of mind; 
  • positive discipline – an educational method based on mutual love and respect. Supports the development of responsibility and independence in children of all ages.

Yes, all our facilities are under the care of a psychologist.
A psychologist is on duty in each kindergarten several times a month - depending on the number of children in the kindergarten. Chart available from the director.

During the shifts, the psychologist observes children, supports educators, and once a month conducts psychological workshops in each preschool group as part of the educational program: Land of Relationships in the Spirit of Positive Discipline.
He also conducts free consultations for interested parents (by appointment).

At Pomarańczowa Ciuchcia, teachers base their educational activities on the original Attachment Educational Program, prepared by our psychologists, certified educators and trainers. The basis of cooperation with children is building and caring for relationships, communicating with the language of empathy, and encouraging children to cooperate without rewards or penalties. In the case of difficult behavior, children focus on finding solutions together with the children instead of the consequences.

The teacher encourages each child to participate in classes. The child has the right to refuse to participate - he or she can observe them from the side and join in during the process.

Yes, at the beginning of the school year, each child participates in a screening test conducted by a kindergarten speech therapist. If there is an indication for therapy, the parent receives information about it and the child can benefit from speech therapy at the kindergarten during their stay at the kindergarten. Individual speech therapy is available for an additional fee.

Group general development speech therapy games, including breathing and articulation games - supporting the development of the speech apparatus, are conducted as part of daily teaching activities.


At Pomarańczowa Ciuchcia kindergartens and nurseries, we ensure the highest quality of children's nutrition. All meals are prepared in our own professionally equipped kitchens. We avoid sugar and processed food, our diet is based on a large amount of vegetables, fruit and groats. We teach healthy eating habits.

In the case of food allergies, we use an elimination diet and provide dietary meals tailored to the child's individual needs. If the child's diet is very restrictive, with a large number of excluded products, for the child's safety, the parent delivers meals to the kindergarten himself.

Yes, children go out for fresh air every day - they actively spend time on our own, professionally equipped playgrounds. The exceptions are days when the air temperature drops below -10 or above +30 and when air pollution is high.

As part of the tuition fee, we organize trips twice a year. It is possible to organize optional trips for willing children. The places we go to are theaters, agritourism farms, farms, exhibitions for children, and the Copernicus Science Center.

Yes, there is such a possibility. Just contact the director of the selected Pomarańczowa Ciuchcia facility and ask for the documents you are interested in. Parents whose children attend Pomarańczowa Ciuchci have constant access to the daily schedule, menu and other documents in the KidsView application.  

Yes, at Pomarańczowa Ciuchci we use the Kidsview application. Parents have access to:
– daily schedule, weekly teaching plans

– announcements – list of the most important events in a given month

– menu

– photos from the current month

– important organizational information from the director

– invoices – and the possibility of payment via Blue Media

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