cookies policy

What are cookies (cookies)?

This is small information, called cookies (cookie), sent by the website that we visit and saved on the end device (computer, laptop, smartphone), 

which we use while browsing the websites.

Almost every website uses cookie technology. During visits to our website, fragments of code are saved on the User's computer in which the user's settings were saved.

The "cookies", consisting of a series of letters and numbers, contain various information necessary for the proper functioning of websites, e.g. those requiring authorization - incl. when logging into your e-mail account or online store.

Cookies also allow, among others remembering our preferences and personalizing websites in terms of displayed content and matching advertisements. Thanks to "cookies" it is also possible to register products and services or vote in online polls.

Personal data collected using "cookies" may be collected only for the purpose of performing specific functions for the user, such as, for example, remembering logging in to the website or remembering goods added to the basket in the online store. Such data is encrypted in a way that prevents access by unauthorized persons.

Due to the lifetime of cookies and other similar technologies, we use two basic types of these files:

• session - temporary files stored on the User's end device until logging out, leaving the website and application or turning off the software (web browser);

• permanent - stored on the User's end device for the time specified in the cookie file parameters or until they are deleted by the User.

Due to the purpose of cookies and other similar technologies, we use the following types:

• services and applications necessary for the operation - enabling the use of our services, e.g. authentication cookies used for services that require authentication;

• files used to ensure security, eg used to detect fraud in the field of authentication;

• efficiency - enabling the collection of information on the use of websites and applications;

• functional - enabling "remembering" the settings selected by the User and personalizing the User's interface, eg in terms of the selected language or region of the User's origin, font size, appearance of the website and application, etc .;

• advertising - enabling the provision of advertising content to Users more tailored to their interests;

• statistical - used to count statistics on websites and applications.

The user may at any time delete the placed cookies or block the placing of cookies using the options available in his web browser. Removing or blocking the placement of cookies may cause difficulties in using the website, and even prevent the use of some of its options.

Managing and deleting cookies varies depending on the browser used. Detailed information on this can be found in the Help function in your browser. 

On our website, the client will find a description of our products and services, learn about employment opportunities or receive the latest information and offers without having to provide any information about himself.

However, if the Customer provides us with information regarding his personal data, such as: address, e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers, demographic data and other identifying information, they will not be disclosed (for common use, for sale or as part of our contacts) any external organization, unless we are previously authorized to do so by it or we are required to disclose this data under applicable law.

We will send a small file to the client's web browser, which will be stored on his computer and read by our web server (we call such files "cookies" /). Such a file cannot be read by any web server other than the one that transmitted the cookies. Cookies are used by us for a number of administrative tasks, for example to store customer preferences for certain types of information, or the customer's password, which he will not have to enter each time he visits our website. Most of these "cookies" only exist for the duration of a session or "visit". None of them will contain information enabling other people to contact the Customer electronically, by e-mail or by advertising mail. The customer can prepare his web browser to inform him about when cookies are sent or to prevent the transmission of such information files.

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