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Bilingual preschool and nursery Go Montessori

Bilingual preschool and nursery Go Montessori

Nursery Orange Train - innovative teaching methods

The Orange Ciuchcia Nursery is an educational institution where we use innovative teaching methods to stimulate the development of the youngest children. The charges are given the opportunity to improve their skills and discover the potential hidden in their minds and passion. The orange choo-choo particularly draws attention to developing social competences and interpersonal skills, which in the future will result in better communication of the youngest with the world around them.

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Teaching methods used in the Orange Ciuchcia nursery include learning through play, experimentation, multisensory and many other techniques that encourage children to think independently and take on challenges. Organizing activities for pupils we are guided primarily by the assumptions of the Theory of Multiple Intelligences prof. Howard Gardner and the principles of Maria Montessori. We use modern technologies, such as the EMYS robot, which tells stories and organizes movement games in English.

The activities of the Orange Train are aimed at following the natural desires of children to explore the world around them, ask interesting questions and try to understand the complexity of life. Our private nurseries in Warsaw we prepare children not only for the next stages of education, but above all we enable them to develop in safe conditions.

Nursery in Warsaw - conscious nutrition of children

Nursery in Warsaw The Orange Train is not only a place where our youngest learn, develop their skills, but also take care of their health through proper nutrition. Children receive well-balanced meals, varied both in terms of nutritional value and taste. The purpose of this approach is shaping good eating habits. In all facilities, we pay special attention to diversifying the offer for the youngest charges, also with food allergies or intolerances. Careful control of the quality and composition of each meal ensures that the patients eat dishes free of artificial colors, preservatives and harmful additives.

Why is it worth choosing the Orange Ciuchcia private nursery?

The Orange Ciuchcia private nursery is a unique place in Warsaw, which guarantees excellent development conditions for every child. Are you wondering why it is worth choosing this facility? An undeniable advantage is the professional and experienced teaching staff. Only qualified specialists in the field of speech therapy and psychology cooperate with us, who care for the individual needs of each child, providing them with a sense of security and adequate support.

In an orange clothes there is a friendly atmosphereand children use modern, bright and spacious rooms as well as rich educational facilities. Students learn in an environment that is conducive to the development of their social, intellectual, emotional and physical skills. In the nursery, we implement an educational program tailored to the needs and abilities of children, consisting of classes developing imagination, creativity and manual skills. Therefore, it is worth choosing the Orange Ciuchcia private nursery, because the facility combines the highest standard of caresupport in development at every stage of life, as well as a warm, family atmosphere that makes the youngest pupils feel happy and develop well there.

Orange Train Nursery - development of young children's passions and talents

There is no place for boredom in our facilities, because the staff is passionate about their work, giving children many opportunities to discover the world. The Orange Choo-Choo Nursery is similar to ours private kindergarten in Pruszków offers a whole range of extra-curricular activities. Children have the opportunity to participate in:

  • art workshops;
  • learning to play the piano;
  • robotics;
  • Zumba Kids;
  • a chess club;
  • judo;
  • acrobatics.

The Orange Ciuchcia Nursery is a place full of warmth, love and inspiration, which additionally strengthens children in their efforts to discover their talents. Bet on our facilities and non-public kindergarten and watch how your child grows and flourishes day by day thanks to the appropriate methods of work, as well as an individual approach to the pupils.

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