Offer for companies

Partner companies

What do we offer employees of partner companies?

Special, attractive contract conditions

We offer places in our nurseries and kindergartens on special, exceptional conditions for children of employees of Partner Companies.

Education, upbringing and childcare at the highest level

Parents from partner companies are guaranteed the highest quality of education, care and upbringing for their children. It is worth noting that the Orange Ciuchcia Kindergartens are one of the few entities on the Polish market offering comprehensive childcare from nursery to primary school.

A wide range of preschool locations - 11 facilities

Orange Ciuchcia is one of the largest network of kindergartens in Poland. We have branches in 11 locations in and around Warsaw. Thanks to this, company employees have a wide choice - they can, if desired, choose a branch next to their workplace or near their home. Our facilities

For more information, please contact company representatives:

Joanna Goc-Matyskiel - project director
tel: 513 576 600

Company kindergartens

Why is it worth investing in a Company Kindergarten?

An attractive benefit on the labor market

The company kindergarten is currently one of the most attractive benefits that companies can offer their employees.

Convenience and motivator for employees

The company kindergarten makes it much easier for employees to reconcile family and professional responsibilities, and is an important element of the company's incentive system. It also influences the positive image of the employer in the eyes of employees and among industry companies.

Possibility to use the social fund

In accordance with the applicable regulations, companies may establish and finance kindergartens for employees from the company's social benefits fund. As an expert in running educational institutions, Orange Ciuchcia provides professional advice and assistance in creating your own in-house kindergarten.

Kindergarten close to the workplace

What are the advantages of a kindergarten and a nursery close to the workplace?

More time with your child to build relationships

Every morning we spend extra precious time in the car talking to our children. In the afternoon, standing in traffic jams, we do not worry if we will manage to pick up our child before the facility closes and whether it will leave the kindergarten again. On the way back, we can listen to an account of what the little preschooler experienced during the past day. Such time together with the parent gives the child a sense of security, helps build self-esteem and a priceless relationship with mom and dad.

More time for yourself

In the morning, we gain extra time for longer sleep. We do not have to get up earlier to take the child to kindergarten, because it is going with us. We do not have to take days off for celebrations organized in kindergarten. Our productivity at work increases. We no longer have to worry that the baby is far away from us.