Equipping children with language skills is a priority in the Orange Ciuchcia kindergartens.

Little minds are so flexible and receptive that preschool age is the perfect time to introduce another foreign language. In this regard, we focus on Spanish language, the fourth most spoken language in the world after English, Chinese and Hindi.

Learning the Spanish language we run in groups of 6-year-olds* and as part of optional classes.

Methodology of teaching Spanish as a foreign language is very similar to the methodology of teaching English. The friendly, intimate atmosphere of classes and an individual approach to each child make preschoolers learn the language naturally and effortlessly. Effective learning is possible through the use of multimedia aids, games, movement games, nursery rhymes and songs.

Our teacher's passion and creativity make learning Spanish a great adventure and fun for children! 

They are conducted by native speaker Ricardo:
My name is Ricardo, I'm Argentinian. I was born in Buenos Aires, I have been in Poland for 5 years. I love sports, in Argentina I played rugby, tennis, I love rollerblading and ice skating, I play volleyball, handball and of course football! I studied linguistics, oriental languages and philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires.


* does not apply to Józefosław

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