Equipping children with language skills is a priority in the Orange Ciuchcia kindergartens.

Little minds are so flexible and receptive that preschool age is the perfect time to introduce another foreign language. In this regard, we focus on Spanish language, the fourth most spoken language in the world after English, Chinese and Hindi.

Learning the Spanish language we run in groups of 6-year-olds* and as part of optional classes.

Methodology of teaching Spanish as a foreign language is very similar to the methodology of teaching English. The friendly, intimate atmosphere of classes and an individual approach to each child make preschoolers learn the language naturally and effortlessly. Effective learning is possible through the use of multimedia aids, games, movement games, nursery rhymes and songs.

The passion and creativity of our teachers make learning Spanish a great adventure and fun for children! 


* does not apply to Józefosław

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Spanish in the Orange Train kindergarten

Are you looking for a facility that offers Spanish in kindergarten? Do you want your child to develop social, emotional and cognitive skills in a friendly learning environment? The Orange Train introduces children to the world of foreign languages from the earliest years of life. By choosing our kindergarten, you will provide your child with unique educational experiences. In our facilities, we focus on:

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  • modern teaching methods, supported by attractive teaching materials and interactive tools that attract attention and support the acquisition of a foreign language;
  • an atmosphere full of enthusiasm and positive energythanks to which children happily learn new things;
  • small groups, which allows us to focus on the development needs of each child.


Spanish for children in kindergarten - qualified teachers and individual approach to the child

At Pomarańczowa Ciuchci, we know perfectly well that preschool children are able to quickly acquire new languages, especially through everyday interaction and play. Therefore ours bilingual kindergarten is a place where we make sure that classes are adapted to the development level of each child. This promotes effective learning and increases self-confidence when dealing with a new language. We employ qualified teachers with a passion for teaching, who approach the needs of each of our students with care, sensitivity and full commitment.

Our private kindergarten Pomarańczowa Ciuchcia is a safe and inspiring place for children, where they develop not only their language skills, but also social, emotional and interpersonal skills.

Spanish in kindergarten - various forms of activity

Our approach is based on the belief that bilingual child, developing through various activities, gains confidence in using a second language and opens up to the fascinating world of multiculturalism. At Pomarańczowa Ciuchci, Spanish for kindergarten children is not only about learning words, but also developing communication skills through active participation in interesting and attractive activities. Games, songs and interesting projects are an integral part of our lessons, which makes learning Spanish in kindergarten a fascinating adventure.

By choosing a facility offering Spanish in kindergarten, you invest not only in language development, but also provide your child with interesting educational experiences from an early age. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of our facilities.

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