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Bilingual preschool and nursery Go Montessori

Bilingual preschool and nursery Go Montessori

The Orange Choo-Choosing Non-Public Kindergarten

Are you looking for a facility that will ensure comprehensive development of your child? Do you want your child to attend a place that focuses on high educational standards, safety and creativity? Then the Orange Ciuchcia non-public kindergarten is the perfect place for your little explorer. We attach great importance to the continuous improvement of the teaching staff's qualifications through regular participation in training and workshops. As a result, teachers gain new knowledge and skills that allow them to better understand the expectations and needs of their charges, support their development, motivate them to learn, and effectively cooperate with parents.

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Private kindergartens in Warsaw Orange Ciuchcia is a reputable facility that enjoys great trust of parents. We place great emphasis on learning English, which is introduced from an early age in an accessible and attractive way for every toddler. We also bet for the development of children's digital competences, organizing various classes using modern technologies, including Genibot, which knows the basics of coding and robotics perfectly. Thanks to this, it introduces the youngest to the world of programming.

Private kindergarten - rich educational program

The Orange Ciuchcia private kindergarten is a modern educational institution that offers a diverse curriculum for preschool children. It is here that the youngest have the opportunity to develop their skills by participating in extensive educational projects tailored to their needs and capabilities. With the comprehensive development of children in mind, Orange Ciuchcia has introduced to its offer such elements as learning foreign languages, rhythmics and psychological workshops. The program of our facilities also includes chess classes. All these additional workshops are included in the tuition fee, so parents do not have to worry about additional fees. Orange Ciuchcia is a private kindergarten that focuses on comprehensive development of childrenboth in terms of academic skills and social and emotional skills.

We are perfectly aware of the importance of good and early adaptation of children. That is why our facilities, such as Józefosław private kindergarten provide organization of Saturday and summer adaptation classes. Thanks to this, preschoolers get used to the new environment and feel safe. She rules in the Orange Chubby nice and friendly atmosphereand the rooms are fully equipped with attractive tools and teaching aids that encourage children to undertake various activities and independence.

Bilingual kindergarten in Warsaw

The Bilingual Kindergarten in Warsaw, Orange Ciuchcia, is a place where the key element of education is learning English as a second language, which allows children to establish contacts with other cultures at an early age and acquire vocabulary faster. Thus, a bilingual kindergarten is an ideal solution for parents who want to provide their children with a comprehensive and comprehensive education. We employ qualified teacherswho participate not only during didactic classes, but also during everyday activities such as eating meals, playing and even taking walks. Thanks to this, they have the opportunity to observe the progress of preschoolers, as well as to catch particularly difficult moments that require additional support or explanations. These types of activities also strengthen the students' motivation and make learning English more fun pleasant and affordable.

Bilingual Kindergarten Orange Ciuchcia is an institution where we know how important a proper diet is for the healthy development and well-being of children. That is why all meals are prepared in such a way as to provide fiber, protein, vitamins and essential minerals.

Private kindergarten in Warsaw - developing passion from an early age

A private kindergarten in Warsaw, Orange Ciuchcia, is an excellent option for parents who want to give their children the best start in life. In the facility, we not only guarantee care and implementation of the core curriculum, but also focus on the comprehensive development of children from an early age. That is why the Orange Train has prepared a wide range of extracurricular activities for the charges. Preschoolers have the opportunity to participate in:

  • robotics;
  • meetings with art;
  • Zumba Kids;
  • judo;
  • creative building with Lego bricks;
  • swimming lessons;
  • learning to play the piano;
  • acrobatics.

Thanks to such a wide range of possibilities, children discover their talents and develop their passions. What's more, parents also save the time and effort of finding extra activities for their children. Check what the Orange Ciuchcia private kindergarten offers and see for yourself that we are a facility that will give your child the best conditions for learning and development from an early age.

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