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How to choose the best kindergarten?

It's time to choose a nursery for your child?

Check where to start looking for the best place.

In our e-book you will learn:

How to specify your expectations of the kindergarten

What to look for when visiting a kindergarten for the first time

How to prepare for the interview with the principal, what to ask about

How the kindergarten can support a child in a joyful, comprehensive development, and a parent in conscious and wise parenting

Regardless of whether enrolling your child in kindergarten is something you take for granted, or putting responsibility for its development, education and safety in the hands of other people will be difficult for you - you are surely facing a dilemma.

How to find kindergartenin which my child:

  • will be surrounded by warmth, understanding and support,
  • every day she will be happy to discover and get to know the world,
  • will develop comprehensively,
  • will meet competent, empathetic and warm teachers,
  • will establish and cultivate first relationships and friendships,
  • will spend time actively outdoors every day,
  • will eat tasty and healthy meals.

Number of questionsthat are swirling in your head is very overwhelming:

Time passes inexorably and you still don't know how to find the perfect spot. First, take a deep breath, make yourself a nice cup of tea.

Everything is ready?

Now we invite you to read our e-book
"How to choose the best kindergarten for your child"
, which was prepared especially for parents by Joanna Goc-Matyskiel.

Joanna Goc-Matyskiel - a teacher of early childhood education by education and pre-school, For 17 years associated with the Orange Ciuchcia kindergartens as a teacher, director and methodologist. Currently, as an expert and educator of Positive Discipline, she supports teachers in shaping important social and life competences in children. Privately - mother of a 6-year-old 🙂

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