Always active - always eco

Every day we spend time actively outdoors, regardless of the weather. 

We are aware of the importance of movement for the development and health of children. Therefore, in our kindergartens, physical activity in the fresh air is an integral part of every day. Our preschoolers run, jump, climb, play team games, and exercise while developing general physical fitness. 

By exercising outdoors every day, your child will:

  • develops an interest in movement and the need for daily activity, 
  • strengthens immunity, 
  • will improve the condition, 
  • will improve the coordination of movements,
  • it will strengthen concentration and memory.

Sport shapes character. By training the body, we develop the mind and social skills at the same time. Children who often participate in team games find it easier to work in a group and react better to stressful situations.

We shape pro-ecological behavior every day

In the Orange Ciuchcia, we attach great importance to pro-ecological behavior. Throughout the year, we implement the Eco-preschooler program, the aim of which is to educate children about their awareness and responsibility  approaches to nature. We pay attention to the beauty of our planet, emphasize the importance of nature for man and teach how to care for it.  

Our preschoolers: 

  • they observe the beauty of nature during their daily stay at the playground and during walks
  • organize "corners of live nature" in the rooms
  • segregate garbage
  • they don't use glitter
  • they save light and water
  • run the "Chronicle of a Friend of Nature".

By teaching children the right environmental habits, we develop their sense of care and responsibility for the present and future quality of life on Earth. 

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