A closeness educational program with attention to emotions and relationships
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We use modern technologies
We learn the world with all our senses.
We discover children's talents.
We spend active time outdoors every day.
We have our own kitchen - we eat tasty and healthy food.

Friendly Adaptation

We will gently prepare you and your child for the beginning of the preschool adventure.

Bilingual Education

We will teach your child to communicate and think freely in English.

Upbringing in closeness

We build relationships and teach how to express and accept our own and others' emotions.

About us

Pomarańczowa Ciuchcia - bilingual preschools and nurseries

For 28 years we have been here for your children, who are the most important people in the world to us. During this time, together with our parents, we have created a huge "choo-chop" community. Over 19,000 parents have already trusted us.
This gives us strength and faith in the success of our mission.

Trusted by 19,000 parents

28 years of experience

11 locations

Continuity of education from nursery to primary school

Trusted by 19,000 parents

28 years of experience

11 locations

Continuity of education from nursery to primary school

Our teachers - for the most important people in the world

Our staff is a team of smiling, committed, educated teachers, specialists and instructors. With their passion, they inspire preschoolers every day to discover the world, develop their skills and talents. They always follow the child and show a lot of warmth, patience and understanding to everyone. In their work, they use the latest concepts and methods that guarantee teaching and upbringing at the highest level.

Attachment kindergarten - attachment nursery Warsaw

Let's speak English - bilingual education

Are you aware that the sooner your child starts their adventure with English, the faster they will learn to communicate freely?
Children learn a foreign language in a natural way, they are not afraid to speak and do not know what the "language barrier" means, with which many adults struggle.

Bilingual education is a priority at Pomarańczowa Ciuchcia. By immersing children in English every day, we equip them with the competences that ease their start into adulthood and open up a world of opportunities. Our graduates often continue their education in bilingual schools.

Parents' opinions

Listen to what parents of preschoolers and graduates of Pomarańczowa Ciuchcia say about us.

Read what parents of preschoolers and graduates of Pomarańczowa Ciuchcia write about us.

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We invite you to our kindergartens, where your child will develop social skills, creativity and knowledge in a safe environment. Our qualified staff ensure the individual intellectual, emotional and physical development of the child, offering comprehensive support for the best start in education.

Bilingual Kindergartens and Kindergartens, Pomarańczowa Ciuchcia

Our priority is bilingual education and equipping children with competences that will help them be successful in the future. In a friendly atmosphere, we discover and develop individual talents, maintaining a balance between learning and having fun.

Bilingual Kindergarten Pomarańczowa Ciuchcia & Warsaw University of Technology

It is a unique place that combines the highest educational and upbringing standards of the Pomarańczowa Ciuchcia with the knowledge and experience of the Warsaw University of Technology.

Pomarańczowa Ciuchcia Nurseries

In our facilities, we care about good and friendly adaptation, satisfying the needs and comprehensive development of each baby.

Gaudeamus Bilingual Schools

Our mission is JOY - SCIENCE - PASSION. We believe that the most important thing in getting to know the world is the JOY of the revealed secret, the achieved goal and the overcome difficulties. We do everything to make LEARNING in our school the greatest adventure. 

Bilingual preschool and nursery Go Montessori

It is a kindergarten of a unique philosophy: modern, bilingual, ecological, immersed in Pedagogy of Maria Montessori



#CiuchciaTeam teachers as actors 🧡

Teachers of #CiuchciaTeam Bielany as actors in the play "Spring Troubles of the Smurfs". On the occasion of the first days of spring, our teachers from Pomarańczowa Ciuchcia in Bielany organized a...

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EXPO Our Kids fair

Orange Ciuchcia and Gaudeamus at the Our Kids Private Schools EXPO 2024! Choosing the right school, kindergarten or nursery is one of the most important decisions in a family's life.

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Private nurseries in Warsaw - solid support in the development of your child

Are you looking for a trusted facility in the capital? Do you want your child to be able to develop their skills and talents in comfortable conditions and gain a solid educational foundation? Private nurseries in Warsaw Orange Ciuchcia are ideal places that will provide support in the proper development of your child, regardless of his or her individual predispositions and passions. In our facilities, we are careful to meet the special needs of each child.

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Private nursery Pomarańczowa Ciuchcia is a facility focused on bilingual education and comprehensive programs stimulating the emotional and social development of the youngest. We value close cooperation with parents and try to be in constant contact in order to exchange information about the lives of the pupils and the progress and needs of your child. We provide safe, spacious and well-equipped classrooms and a playground where the charges can spend time under the supervision of tutors.

Private kindergartens in Warsaw - individual approach to the child

Private kindergartens in Warsaw are a response to the growing needs of parents who expect professional and individual care for their children. This approach at Orange Ciuchci translates into faster development of children's skills, better preparation for school education and a greater understanding of the needs of each young person. What's more, we adjust the pace of teaching and choose appropriate working methods. We try to make every child feel appreciated and understood.

Private kindergartens and nurseries in Warsaw are characterized by a high level of education. Our priority is to create a friendly and safe environment for children. In nurseries and kindergartens there is an atmosphere full of love, acceptance and mutual respect, which allows children to feel safe and freely express their feelings and emotions. We support the youngest in helping each other and building mutual relationships, teaching responsibility for themselves and others. We also care about the health of our charges, providing them with balanced meals prepared in accordance with the principles of proper nutrition and teaching children to eat on their own.

Private nurseries in Warsaw - qualified staff

Dear Parent, by choosing our private nurseries in Warsaw and non-public kindergarten Orange Ciuchcia, you can be sure that your child is surrounded by professional care. We assume that a good teacher is not only the one who can pass on knowledge, but also the one who can understand the needs and emotions of the child. This is why we employ only qualified teaching staff who care about the comprehensive development of each preschooler, and at the same time are very empathetic and committed. What's more, our educators use a variety of teaching methods that support children's development on various levels - intellectual, emotional, social and physical. We care about continuous training and development of employees to meet the requirements of modern education and respond to the needs of children and their parents. Orange Ciuchcia is also experienced psychologists and speech therapists who have great skills in working with the youngest.

Private nurseries in Warsaw - a wide educational offer

We are aware of how important the first years of a child's life are, so we make every effort to ensure that preschoolers develop comprehensively, acquiring social, emotional, intellectual and motor skills. That is why our private nurseries in Warsaw, as well as other institutions, incl Jabłonna kindergarten, put special emphasis on a variety of educational activities. In order to meet the expectations of all parents and children, we also focus on improving various skills and interests among our pupils. The youngest can participate in, among others:

  • chess classes;
  • rhythms;
  • art workshops;
  • psychological workshops;
  • general gymnastics;
  • swimming lessons;
  • Zumba Kids;
  • acrobatics;
  • learning to play the piano;
  • projects related to the improvement of language skills.
Private kindergarten orange train
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