We will teach your child to communicate and think freely in English.


We always follow the child - we will discover how gifted and competent your child is.


We teach a healthy lifestyle - your child will play actively outdoors every day.


We discover the world with all our senses - we will take care of the harmonious development of your child.


We will gently prepare you and your child to start their adventure with kindergarten.


Your child will eat tasty, healthy and wholesome meals.

About us

Orange Train - Bilingual Kindergartens and Nurseries

For 26 years we have been for your children, who are the most important people in the world for us. During this time, together with you, we have created a huge "choo-choo community". We have been trusted by over 19,000 parents.
This gives us strength and faith in the success and success of our mission.

Trusted by 19,000 parents

26 years of experience

11 locations

Continuity of education from nursery to primary school

Trusted by 19,000 parents

26 years of experience

11 locations

Continuity of education from nursery to primary school

Our teachers -

for the most important people in the world

Our staff is a team of smiling, committed, educated teachers, specialists and instructors. Their passion inspires preschoolers to discover the world, develop their skills and talents every day. They always follow the child, show everyone a lot of warmth, patience and understanding. In their work, they use the latest concepts and methods that guarantee teaching and upbringing at the highest level.

Let's speak English -

bilingual education

Are you aware that the sooner your child starts their adventure with English, the faster they will learn to communicate freely in this language?
Children learn a foreign language in a natural way, they are not afraid to speak and do not know what the "language barrier" means, with which many adults struggle.

Bilingual education is a priority at the Orange Ciuchcia. By immersing children in English every day, we equip them with competences that help them start into adulthood and open up a world full of possibilities for them. Our graduates often continue their education in bilingual schools.

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Individual Open Days - August 2022

Are you looking for a kindergarten or nursery for your child? Meet the Orange Ciuchcia. In August, we invite you to the Individual Open Days. We are waiting for you in our 11 kindergartens. Why is it worth

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Preschools and Grade 0 Groups

Our priority is bilingual education and equipping children with competences that will help them be successful in the future. In a friendly atmosphere, we discover and develop individual talents, maintaining a balance between learning and having fun.

Kindergarten Orange Ciuchcia & Warsaw University of Technology

It is a unique place that combines the highest educational and upbringing standards of the Orange Ciuchcia with the knowledge and experience of the Warsaw University of Technology.


In our facilities, we care about good and friendly adaptation, satisfying the needs and comprehensive development of each baby.

Gaudeamus Bilingual Schools

Our mission is JOY - SCIENCE - PASSION. We believe that the most important thing in getting to know the world is the JOY of the revealed secret, the achieved goal and the overcome difficulties. We do everything to make LEARNING in our school the greatest adventure. 

Auris psychological and pedagogical clinic

We create a child-friendly facility. We support their comprehensive development and help them overcome the limitations resulting from developmental disorders.

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