How to stimulate children's curiosity?

How to stimulate children's curiosity?

"I have no special giftedness. I am only curious " - these are the words spoken by one of the greatest physicists in history - Albert Einstein. Sentences that say a lot about the importance of curiosity in knowledge and the world in our lives.

How to relate these sentences in the context of our children? How to stimulate children's curiosity? 

You will learn the answers to these and more questions in this post.

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Curiosity is the first step to success. 

It is our unbridled desire to gain and experience that is one of the most important qualities that can bring us closer to achieve the desired goal and success.
That is why in Kindergartens the Orange Train we know how important it is to stimulate curiosity among children from an early age - through fun, creative activities, learning foreign languages, experimenting and supporting interests.

What is curiosity?

The easiest way to explain it is Mr.a desire to know something that is of interest to us. It can be associated with many phenomena - science, nature, mathematics, literature, music or sport.
The most important thing is that the topic of classes and the way of conducting them should be a natural stimulus for the child to learn and develop their interests. Thanks to curiosity children learn, experience, analyze and experiment.

And we - parents - care about it the most. Especially at the beginning of a child's educational path, i.e. in kindergarten. It is important that each toddler finds something to develop in and naturally work on his self-awareness and confidence. Many of the people who have achieved success in adulthood say that it is the most important in their development path there was curiosity and the ability to constantly try and learn from your mistakes.

Little explorers' curiosity knows no bounds.

The brain of preschool children is like a sponge - it absorbs all that is interesting and new. He works so vigorously to prepare for independence and active action as soon as possible. Children have an extraordinary curiosity about the world - they want to touch everything, try and see everything.

The learning process always starts with curiosity. The child's interest in a given activity, object, phenomenon or history. The more interesting the child is, the more fun, easier and, above all, more effective learning will be for him!

In the Orange Ciuchcia, we run many interest clubs and we always try to let the child choose for himselfwhich classes she will be attending. We offer children: playing with LEGO, Little Einstein, Zumba, robotics, Spanish, acrobatics, learning to play the piano and more. All this so that it has a choice and can develop properly.

How to stimulate children's curiosity?

First of all, let's focus on that our kids would be true adventurers, absorbing new knowledge! During everyday activities at the Orange Ciuchcia Kindergarten, we offer many interesting activities related to nature and mathematics. In addition, we support the interests of children by devoting time to games that develop their imagination and stimulate creativity.
Classes on space, healthy eating, natural phenomena, the "Little Financier" program or carefully prepared thematic weeks on specific educational topics - these are some of the many activities that we offer to our preschoolers with a view to instilling in them curiosity about the world!

You already know how to stimulate children's curiosity. Remember that kindergarten is not only a place where a child should feel safe and have fun. All establishments can provide this. What matters most with us the child's involvement in getting to know himself and the surrounding world - with a view to his future and many great successes.

"Orange Train Kindergarten - with the good of your family in mind"

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