Positive discipline - what is it and what to look for?

Positive discipline is a great way to raise a child. Without penalties and prizes, but with full commitment and concentration, focusing on the needs of our child. Positive discipline - what is it and what to look for? Joanna Goc-Matyskiel, PD educator for parents and teachers suggests.

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Positive Discipline - Definition

Positive Discipline - What Is It? The method of learning. The point is to positively assign rules and skills to children skills and attitudes that we consider important. It is effective, long-term and based on mutual respect and love.

Positive discipline allows you to discover the power of modeling. Adults show respect for their needs and the context of the situation, being demanding of the child and, at the same time, being kind and respectful towards them. They notice and accept the child's feelings, show understanding. When it is possible, they give a choice, for example: "I see that you do not want to end the fun yet and at the same time it is time for a bath" or: "Do you want to start cleaning with blocks or with cars?".

Positive Discipline - What is it?

Positive discipline is bonding, building a sense of security, that is a foundation for all other aspects of a child's development and education. Taking into account his perspective, showing him understanding, care and faith in his abilities.

It is an upbringing without penalties or rewards. Supporting the child in building internal motivation, decision-making skills, independence and responsibility. Focusing on solutions and the belief that mistakes are a great learning opportunity - they allow children to discover how competent and capable they are.
They encourage and appreciate effort. Perseverance in pursuing the goal and adequate self-esteem.

Positive discipline. What else is worth paying attention to?

It is "looking under the surface of the iceberg", that is focusing on discovering the needs of the childthat are behind a certain behavior, rather than eliminating the behavior itself. Deliberately responding to the wrong strategies of children, being an attempt by them to regain a sense of belonging and meaning - the key one according to Albert Adler, psychologist, father of PD - desires that all people have. It is a conscious influence on the private logic of children, i.e. their beliefs about themselves, others and the world, as well as the accompanying decisions - by creating space for positive experiences.

Positive Discipline is a method that supports conversation about feelings and their acceptance, even when we do not agree to certain childhood behaviors. It's science the ability to perceive one's own and other people's emotions and the ability to self-regulate and manage behavior.

It can be different, i.e. positive discipline as an alternative form of education

It's teaching kids what to do instead of what not to and replacing commands with questions full of curiosity.

It is letting go of control, teaching the child independence, responsibility and a strengthened sense of competence. Positive discipline is about making and following contracts, and creating plans and routines to help you organize your day.

This Proven 52 development techniquesthat work and at the same time allow us to take on the challenges that children constantly put before us.

Ps. I forgot about the most important thing - one of the basic principles of positive discipline is: "Take care of yourself so that you can then take care of others."

Joanna Goc - Matyskiel 

PD educator for parents and teachers

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