Holidays 2020 in the Orange Ciuchcia WITH A HOLIDAY TREASURE BOX

This year's summer will certainly be different from the previous ones. There are holidays ahead of us, during which sanitary restrictions will still apply. It doesn't mean that it won't be a time of spontaneous games, joy and discovering the world. As every year, experienced teachers, under the guidance of methodologists, prepared a holiday program full of attractions for children. We want the summer time spent in the kindergarten to be interesting and full of adventures, so we cordially invite children to discover the secrets of the "Holiday Treasure Chest 1". 


We invite preschoolers to the pirate "school under sail", where they will learn, among others the difficult art of tying knots, keeping an on-board weather log, and learning about pirate fashion. Under the guidance of an "experienced boatswain", they will build their own pirate ship and set off on a journey for treasures of health. They will also have the opportunity to take part in pirate sports competitions. Do not be surprised if then the children, instead of "good morning", will greet you to the pirate ARRR ...

From July 13 to July 24 - TEN DAYS AROUND THE WORLD

For the next two weeks, inspired by W. Fogg's example, preschoolers will take part in an expedition around the world. During the trip they will look for, among others answers to the questions: "Where does chocolate come from?", "Why are the boomerangs coming back?", "Do the Japanese really sleep on the floor?" and "What Indians Need Plumes?" They will meet the inhabitants of a Masai village, embark on a journey in the footsteps of the Egyptian caravan, and take part in the Olympic Games organized in Greece. 

FROM 27 July to 7 August - SEA STORIES 

This time we will take the children on an enchanted journey into the depths of the sea. Without the bathyscaphe, they will explore the seabed, get to know its inhabitants and make new friends. Preschoolers will also take part in Neptunalia and, as befits real "sea wolves", they will face the storm in order to finally relax on the "beach", taking not only sunbathing. 

From August 10 to August 21 - JUNGLE OF A HUNDRED SECRETS

It will be an African meeting with the inhabitants of the jungle and getting to know their secrets ... here we cannot reveal too much, but you can expect that during this time a "snake" can crawl in the kindergarten bathroom, a herd of "monkeys" can play happily in the cloakroom, in the yard walk "elephant", and in the kindergarten room sleep "lion" ... and if you do not want to hear the scary roar - better not wake him ...

In the last week of summer holidays, from August 24 to 31, we will invite preschoolers to the "SEPTEMBER TUŻ, TUŻ ..." project, which grows out of the Positive Discipline trend.

During this time, children will have the opportunity to consciously and purposefully participate in the preparation of kindergarten rooms for the beginning of the new school year. They will decide how to arrange the space in the rooms of individual groups, how to arrange the corners of interest, which toys they want to keep and which toys they want to pass on to younger preschoolers, how to place them on shelves, etc. All this to build in children sense of belonging and meaning, show the joy and satisfaction of agency and the ability to make independent decisions. Teach cooperation, empathy, respect and paying attention to one's own and others' needs.

We cordially invite preschoolers to take part in the summer adventure and wish everyone a happy holiday!

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