May 12 - OPEN DAY at PC Białołęka, Józefosław, Pruszków and Wilanów

On Saturday, May 12 at 10.00 am, we invite you to our 4 kindergartens for open days. In Białołęka, there will be English-language classes with fruit in the background. Live animals will visit us in Józefosław. In Pruszków we will play in a country yard, and in Wilanów we will go to the jungle with our English teacher.

Detailed program of open days on May 12:

PC Białołęka (ul. Brzozowy Zagajnik 7) - English Day: Fruit Land

"Whoever wants to be strong and healthy as a fish must eat fruit and vegetables." During this meeting, we will try to make children aware of the importance of healthy eating. With the help of parents, we will prepare a delicious and extremely healthy fruit salad. During joint games with doctor Zdrówko, who will speak only English, children will learn what vitamins are and where we can find them. We will repeat the colors of the fruit and try to learn a short song in English. There will be plenty of favorite movement games with children's music. Finally, we will do a "fruit" art work. In addition to the above attractions, there will be many other surprises waiting for us, to which we cordially invite you.

PC Józefosław (ul. Ogrodowa 20B) - Heralds of spring

On this day, domestic and exotic animals will visit our kindergarten. Ducklings, chicks and bunnies announced their presence. Our little ones will learn what the animals eat, where they live and how to care for them. During the Saturday meeting, there will be time for free play in the corners of interests, where children will awaken their imagination and creativity. There will be games with an animation scarf and exercises with the use of dough to improve small motor skills. Music puzzles and gymnastic exercises will provide a lot of joy and good humor. See you later! 🙂

PC Pruszków (ul. Gałczyńskiego 31) - In the country yard

Free play is extremely important for stimulating children's imagination, so at the beginning of the meeting, children will develop their interests in thematic corners. Next, we will propose finger games, because the dexterity of the hands is the only path for a child to achieve self-service. According to the topic of our meeting, we will invite the children to a rural backyard. We will find out who lives in the henhouse, stable and pigsty. We will talk through speech therapy exercises in the language of rural animals. And in rhythmic and movement games, we will check whether it is more comfortable to walk on two or four legs. As part of the art workshop and exercise of artistic sensitivity, we will perform Chrum Pig. In the last part of the meeting, we will go to the playground or the shaped obstacle course to develop physical fitness that affects the overall development of the child.

PC Wilanów (ul. Vogla 11) - In the jungle

We will take all the children on a journey to the wild jungle to meet equally wild animals there! We will talk to them using orthophonic and breathing exercises. While tearing through the thicket of plants, we will meet a lot of interesting adventures, thanks to which we will be able to develop hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills. But we will not be alone! Our guide will be Ms Magda, an English teacher, who, along with English, will accompany us in all adventures.

We invite!

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