May 19 - OPEN DAY at PC Bemowo 1, Bielany, Centrum, Jabłonna, Mokotów and Ursus

On Saturday, May 19 at At 10.00 we invite you to our 6 kindergartens. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the attractions that we have prepared on this day. There are plenty of them, something interesting in every location: a theater, a village yard, balloons, soap bubbles, a zoo balloon, Maja the Bee, ventriloquist, dinosaurs, cats and many, many others.

Detailed program of open days on May 19:

PC Bemowo 1 (ul. Lazurowa 67) - Meeting with the JaHa duo

On this day, the main attraction of the classes will be the performance of the JaHa duo. Children and adults will try to wake up Princess Fairy and show her that happiness and meaning can be found in small, simple things. It will be a great adventure integrating children, adults and actors. Not taking away singing, dancing, talking and joyful atmosphere.

In the second part of the meeting, we will invite children to play with music and movement, and with an animation scarf. Thanks to playing with dough and piano, we will improve fine motor skills. A memento of the classes will be art work made with the use of various elements.


PC Bielany (ul. Bajana 35) - In a country backyard

 This time we will go to a country yard, which is a huge mess. At the request of a worried host, we will gather together our strength and help in caring for the animals. We will get to know the appearance and habits of animals living in the countryside. During speech therapy games, we will clean the barn, and then, developing fine motor skills, collect all the eggs for the henhouse. To make the yard more cheerful, we will sing a song together and feed all the animals. Finally, with the help of parents, we will do an art work - a fudge. There will also be games with a scarf.

PC Centrum (Rondo ONZ 1) - Balloon ZOO

On this day, we invite all future preschoolers for an extraordinary journey to an enchanted zoo, where many adventures will await. Together with Tiger Leon, we will sing a song about five playful monkeys, and the Macaw Parrot will bring colorful feathers with which we will perform breathing exercises. An additional attraction will be the possibility of making a selected animal from colorful balloons. Children will also take part in a soap bubble show, during which they will have the opportunity to admire how they change their shapes, divide into smaller ones or combine into one huge bubble. We will end the meeting with artistic work using colored paints.

PC Jabłonna (ul. Przylesie 14) - Maja the Bee

On this day, our kindergarten will be visited by Maja the Bee, who will invite children for a walk in the meadow. We will try to find colorful flowers there and sort them into appropriate baskets, thus consolidating the knowledge of colors. Maja will teach us the songs and games "The bee sleeps in the garden" and will tell us about her favorite delicacies. Together with the parents, we will create a beehive and try to imitate the sounds that these insects make, thus exercising our articulation apparatus. We will also find Maja's friends hidden among the room, i.e. little bees, which we will stick to the hive. All movement games are aimed at developing agility and motor coordination of children. During the classes, we will have the opportunity to participate in nature workshops, where we will get to know and get used to small animals. The culmination of our adaptation classes will be making a bee using various materials and artistic techniques.

PC Mokotów (ul. Postępu 17B) - Games with ventriloquist Piotr Boruta

On this day, our kindergarten will be visited by a special guest of ventriloquist Piotr Boruta. There will be a smile on the faces of the little ones. Meetings with the ventriloquist evoke a lot of joy and positive emotions in children. They have the opportunity to meet an actor performing an unusual profession. By taking part in drama games with elements of juggling, pantomime and illusion, children will develop their imagination and eye-hand coordination. There will also be integration games with an animation scarf and play with dough that shape the efficiency of little hands. Finally, we will invite children to make soap bubbles and play music and movement.


PC Ursus (ul. Rakietników 6) - Dinosaur Pimpuś

On this day, future preschoolers, together with the traveler Monika, will set off into the unknown in search of dinosaurs. Taking part in music and movement games, we will learn the dance system for the song "I wanted to become a dinosaur". By imitating the sounds of these large creatures, children will take part in emission games. We will get to know songs and movement games that shape musical imagination, movement expression and a sense of rhythm. Each of the children will also have the opportunity to decorate the Pimpus Dinosaur. An additional attraction will be classes led by Cat's Playful Fiona, and the main characters will be cats: oriental, Siamese, European. It is not so easy to understand cats, but during the classes children will try to learn about their character and different behavior. During the workshops, we will also familiarize children with a list of daily duties such as: feeding, playing and cleaning.

We invite!

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