Passepartout 2017 - Gallery of Steel Figures

A real and creative craftsman can breathe life even into… scrap! How do we know about this? Thanks to the holiday "Obieżyświat", which this time invited us to the Gallery of Steel Figures.

Driven by curiosity, we went on a trip that turned out to be an amazing adventure. There were 50 sculptures inspired by characters from fairy tales, films and automotive hits waiting for us. Thanks to the guide's story, we learned that artisans who make figures often spend thousands of hours to surprise everyone with the end result. For them, there is no expression "impossible". They deserve to be called artists in their profession with their arduous and outstanding work. Our preschoolers were able to appreciate the artistry of their art and with undisguised joy they greeted the steel Marilyn Monroe, the Minions and… King Julian :-). 

 The biggest attraction for the boys was the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of cars such as the Bugatti Veyron and Mercedes, made in a 1: 1 scale. Girls definitely preferred our native Fiat 500, which they tried to go on a family picnic 🙂

After leaving the gallery, our preschoolers talked with great emotions about the meeting face to face with a metal transformer - Superman and Hulk. Everyone wondered if the sculptures come to life at night? Is Batman going for a ride in a steel Batmobile? Or maybe Michael Jackson invites all the figures to his concert and they all dance together, then return to their places so that no one will spot them? We will not get the answers to these questions, but we are sure of one thing: a trip to the Figures Gallery will continue to appear in the "steel dreams" of our preschoolers for many more months 🙂

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