May 20 - OPEN DAYS in 6 kindergartens

On Saturday, May 20 at 10.00 am we invite you to the Mała Ciuchcia classes combined with the open day at our 6 kindergartens: BEMOWO 1, JABŁONNA, MOKOTÓW, URSUS, WILANÓW and ITALY. We invite children from 1 to 4 years old who are not yet preschoolers and their parents.

Detailed program of open days on May 20 from 10.00 - 12.00:

PC Bemowo 1 (ul. Lazurowa 67) - Żabka Matylda and colorful bubbles 

On this day, we invite children to a show of colorful soap bubbles and lively and dancing games between flying bubbles. In addition, we invite all children to play with Frog Matylda. We will start the meeting with games in the corners of interest. This activity develops in children: creativity, independence and allows them to establish relationships with peers. During the classes, the little ones will learn the song about the frog. The time spent together will be made more pleasant by music and movement games as well as breathing games, which are designed to consolidate the proper respiratory path. The little ones will play the role of frogs and they will cunningly run away from the stork. Another attraction will be games with an animation scarf, the aim of which will be to support the comprehensive development of the child by providing visual, tactile, movement sensations and integration in the group. There will also be play with dough and on the obstacle course.

PC Jabłonna (ul. Przylesie 14) - Spring games with music

The main attraction of the meeting will be a music concert prepared by professional artists. It will be a musical story that will allow young listeners to move into the enchanted world of music and learn about various instruments. Then all the children will take part in "Zumba Kids" dancing games. In the second part of the meeting, we will invite our little ones to listen to the poem "Paweł and Gaweł" staged with puppets. Then we will visit the heroes of our theater to help them find the missing parts of the house. During this game, we will improve our perceptiveness and orientation in space. Our little ones will also have the opportunity to make houses and houses from blocks of various sizes and fittings. The proposed game encourages to discover and explore space through creative activities and develops visual and spatial skills. We will also organize games developing awareness of space and a sense of security. We will also invite all children to a colorful tent made of an animation scarf and we will encourage them to do the art and construction work "Houses and cottages".

PC Mokotów (ul. Postępu 17B) - Maja the bee likes to sing, or happy games with music

On this day, the cheerful bee, Maja, will arrive at the kindergarten and will take the children on a magical journey through a flowery meadow. To the accompaniment of a piano, children and a bee will dance a spring dance and learn to sing Maja's favorite song. As you know, bees are hard-working creatures, which is why children, together with Maja, will perform a number of exercises necessary for the production of honey and thus improve gross motor skills, motor coordination and the efficiency of speech organs. While playing, the little ones will listen to a story about music and movement. They will imitate the animals that can be found in the meadow with their movement, gestures, facial expressions and voice. The rhythmic instructor will invite children to participate in fun music and movement games. The proposed games will be aimed at developing motor coordination, sensitizing to the basic musical elements, ie rhythm, dynamics and pace. During the music classes, children will also have the opportunity to play music on percussion instruments. Another attraction will be games with an animation scarf, the aim of which will be to support the comprehensive development of the child and integration in the group. At the end, a nice bee will invite children and parents to make a portrait of her, using a variety of artistic techniques.

PC Ursus (ul. Rakietników 6) - Dinosaur Pimpuś 

Together with the traveler Monika, we will set off into the unknown in search of dinosaurs. By exercising our fingers and hands, we will play with our fingers. By taking part in a musical game, we will learn the dance routine for the song "Dinosaur I wanted to be". By imitating the sounds of these large creatures, children will take part in emission games. We will learn about songs and movement games that shape musical imagination, movement expression and a sense of rhythm. Each of the children will also have the opportunity to decorate the Pimpus Dinosaur. An additional attraction will be theater classes conducted by our instructor, Mr. Zbigniew Kozłowski.

A nice touch at the end of our meeting will be a sweet snack. We invite you to spend a nice time together!

PC Wilanów (ul. Vogla 11) - Good Heart Theater: "Colorful garbage" 

On that day, exceptional actors will come to our kindergarten, who will convey very important content to the little ones by their performances. The performance will tell about the world of discarded toys living in a garbage can, in which a new doll appears - Helenka. The new dumpster will find it difficult to accept rejection. The funny rat, Puszek and his friends, thanks to the wisdom written in the "Book without a cover" help her understand that everyone is valuable and that what makes us beautiful is what is in the heart. Our meeting will also be accompanied by games with an animation scarf, thanks to which it will be very colorful and joyful. We will also invite Mrs. Martyna, who is a rhythmics instructor in our kindergarten, to have fun together. We will end our meeting with the development of gross motor skills, which we will practice by playing on shapes in the gym.

PC Włochy (ul. Śląska 36) - Games with dog Burek 

Undoubtedly, real animals that will visit our kindergarten together with the sitter will be a big surprise that day. During play, children will enrich their knowledge of nature and orthophonic skills by imitating a dog, cat and mouse with voice, movement and gesture. Together with doggy Burk, children will play "Searching for Bones", where they will develop their orientation in space. The "Tasty Cube" articulation game will improve the speech apparatus. There will also be games with a piano that will strengthen children's fingers. Finally, we will make a portrait of the "Burk Dog", for which we will use the stamping technique.


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