May 13 - OPEN DAY at PC Bielany, PC Bemowo II and PC Józefosław

And here is the detailed program of the Open Day:

PC Bielany (ul. Bajana 35) - Spring concert

In the first part of our meeting, we will invite our little guests with their parents to a spring concert. The theme of this musical adventure will be percussion instruments from all over the world. During the concert, children will have the opportunity to learn about unusual instruments and play them. Our musicians will take children and parents to sing and dance together.
In the second part of the meeting, the children will move to a colorful meadow with beautiful butterflies that will visit our kindergarten. Together, we will practice our faces with the use of colorful straws. We will also improve gross motor skills while walking through our flowery meadow, where we will find lots of colorful flowers with which we will also play. There will also be games shaping fine motor skills as well as spring and colorful art work at the end of our joint games.

PC Bemowo II (ul. Kaliskiego 23b) - In the grass during rain 

The meeting will start with free games in the corners of interests. On that day, we will be accompanied by a small snail who will invite us for a trip to a nearby meadow. During the trip, we will help the snail collect lettuce leaves. Then we will get to know and sing a song about a snail together. During the classes, we will develop small motor skills by performing finger games. We will also practice our articulation apparatus during a speech therapy story. The classes will also include games with an animation scarf, music and movement games. There will also be a surprise waiting for future preschoolers - a soap bubble show!

PC Józefosław (ul. Ogrodowa 20B) - There was a little frog 

We will start the meeting with free games in thematic corners, thanks to which children will be able to develop their imagination, creativity and manual skills. Then we will invite everyone to the circle, where we will say hello, and through finger games we will develop memory and improve fine motor skills. Entering the world of magic, we will turn into frogs and storks, dancing to the rhythm of spring melodies. All the frogs will go to the green meadow, where they will have to be very careful about the stork. Our meeting will be very singing, and each song will be illustrated with movement. We will also find out what the green color of the things around us is. As part of the artistic activity, everyone will create their own green frog. Bearing in mind the natural needs of each child's movement, the meeting will end with a game in the kindergarten garden or in the gym.


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