June 9 - OPEN DAYS at PC Bemowo 2, Centrum, Józefosław, Pruszków and Italy

On Saturday, June 9 at At 10.00 we invite you to our 5 kindergartens for open days. In Bemowo, the theme will be traveling, in the Center we will be visited by live animals, in Józefosław we will go to Africa, in Pruszków - to Kółeczkowo, and in Włochy we will invite you to a theater.

Detailed program of open days on June 9:

PC Bemowo 2 (ul. Urbanowicza 23B) - Small and large journeys

Everyone likes to travel, so on this day we will take our little ones on a wonderful trip by various means of transport. Thanks to various onomatopoeic games, we will improve the speech and hearing apparatus. We will also invite Mrs. Tęcza to play together, thanks to whom we will be able to better integrate and learn about the basic colors. When making the art work "My car", we will use various art techniques, thanks to which we will train small motor skills. Finally, we will invite everyone to the playground, where exceptionally colorful inflatables will appear on this day! Great fun guaranteed! :)

PC Centrum (Rondo ONZ 1) - Fur friends

On this day, an unusual surprise will be waiting for all the little ones. There will be nature workshops in our kindergarten. During the classes, children will have the opportunity to meet the animals that are most often chosen as the first friends of the youngest, incl. rabbit, guinea pig, but also see less known ones, such as steppe lemmings and degus. In classes devoted to fur friends, children will learn that a pet is not just another toy, but a living creature and should be properly looked after. After the workshop, each toddler will have the opportunity to play with an animation scarf, play selected instruments and make art work using cotton wool and blotting paper.

PC Józefosław (ul. Ogrodowa 20B) - African rhythms 

We invite all parents with children from 1 to 4 years old for an open day as part of adaptation classes. On this day, the main attraction for children will be an adventure with drums music. It will be an animation during which we will go to meet a lion - the king of animals. We will sing to the rhythm of the drums and take part in interactive games. In the last part of our meeting, in order to satisfy the natural need for children's movement, we will go to a kindergarten playground or a gym. See you later! 🙂


PC Pruszków (ul. Gałczyńskiego 31) - In Kółeczków

On that day, the children will set off to the extraordinary land of Kółeczkowo - a land where everything is round. Using a round scarf, we will summon our guest - Little Balloon, who will show us the power of breathing and articulation games. Then we will set off to find the town of colored balls, which are most fond of bouncing on an animation cloth. We will also play in pairs and try to practice dexterity by catching soap bubbles. Little Balloon will teach children a thematic nursery rhyme and with the use of spells summon funny balls-masseuses, which will be used for relaxation games. We will also do art work with origami circles. On this day, on the occasion of Children's Day, we will be visited by a theater that will take children to the amazing world of fairy tales and fairy tales.

PC Włochy (ul. Śląska 36) - A fairy-tale room

On this day, a surprise will await the children - a visit to the Teatr Dobrego Serca (Teatr Dobrego Serca) with a performance of "Fairy-tale Little Room". Children will have the opportunity to play a number of impression and music games, which will be aimed at integration with the peer group. On this day, there will also be clan games with a colorful scarf, the aim of which will be to improve gross motor skills, as well as smoothness and precision of movements. In memory of their adventures, children will make a portrait of a teddy bear, which they will take home with them.

We invite!

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