Children's Day - for the Child

Children's Day is a holiday awaited almost as much as Christmas. It is an amazing and emotional time for every child. You don't have to spend a fortune on expensive gifts and countless attractions to make your toddler feel special. All you need is a little idea and a large dose of good intentions. What can I do to make June 1 an unforgettable date? Let's start with the most important tip: spend this day with your child, because they are the most important.

It is worth starting the preparations the night before, when the toddler has already fallen asleep. You may be tempted to inflate colorful balloons or create decorations from strips of tissue paper that will silently decorate the room in the morning. It is also worth preparing an exceptional breakfast. It may be your child's favorite food: playfully served sandwiches, pancakes with sauce, chocolate flakes. Let your toddler know when he wakes up that he will be the center of attention that day. Try your best pick up the child early from kindergarten and plan a trip together to a nearby forest or park. You can take bikes or scooters with you, and organize a mini picnic on site. For a toddler, a meal in the fresh air will be a great attraction. If you have more time, you can bake cupcakes or cookies together and pack them into the basket. It's a good idea to blow soap bubbles in the wind, paint their faces together and sing your toddler's favorite songs. He will be proud to teach you something new. Maybe you will take a camera with you and let your child capture everything in pictures? A trip for ice cream or waffles will also be a nice touch - on this one day of the year the term "too much sweets" is deleted from the dictionary.

In the case of cloudy weather, it is worth thinking about organizing attractions at home. You can create your own board game with completely unique rules: making a funny face after rolling 6 on the dice, pretending the sound of the selected animal on the red field - bet on your child's creativity. You can hide the prepared gift and give the child a map to find it. A great attraction will also be to "catch" an apple floating in a vessel of water without using your hands. If you don't want to splash your apartment, you might as well hang the apple on a string. Or maybe playing puns?

At the end of the day, it is worth organizing a theater. It is enough to use a cardboard box as a scenery. Draw and cut the puppets out of paper together, but let the child choose the plot of the show. Make the evening as enjoyable as the rest of the day. After bathing in a bathtub full of foam, spend some more time with your toddler. Read him his favorite bedtime stories, organize a small shadow theater or sing a few lullabies. It's okay if the child goes to bed later than usual - after all, Children's Day is only once a year.

Anna Watras

educator - early school education
and pre-school

kindergarten's headmaster

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