April 7 - OPEN DAY at PC Bemowo 2, Jabłonna and Wilanów

On Saturday, April 7 at We invite you to our three kindergartens for open days.

Detailed program of open days on April 7:

PC Bemowo 2 - Meadow in spring

On this day, we will go to the spring meadow together, developing great motor skills. When we all greet each other with a happy song, we will turn into animals visiting and inhabiting our clearing. Future preschoolers will use breathing and articulation exercises to imitate their sounds. The visit of exceptional guests will be a surprise. On this day, real animals will join the fun, thanks to which we will be able to participate in nature workshops. There will also be finger exercises, manual exercises and games on a colorful scarf to strengthen small and large motor skills. We will also be able to develop musical sensitivity by accompanying the song on a selected percussion instrument.

During the classes, the little ones will do an art work entitled The "Colorful Meadow" with various artistic techniques that they will be able to take home.

PC Jabłonna - Spring games with Zosia the ladybug

On Saturday in April, our little ones will be welcomed by Zosia - a friendly ladybug from a nearby clearing. At the very beginning, he will invite us to a finger game entitled: "Little ladybug". Zosia knows very well how important the efficiency of little hands is, therefore she will perform with us a series of exercises shaping small motor skills with the use of finger puppets, pompoms and circus scarves. Together with her, we will go for a walk in the meadow. We will get to know various insects there, try to imitate their movements and sounds, while exercising our articulation apparatus and general physical fitness. In the rhythm of the spring polka, we will try to help Zosia recover her lost dots. We will also have the opportunity to compose puzzles prepared for us by the inhabitants of the meadow and adjust their shadows by practicing visual perception, hand-eye coordination. At the end of our meeting, we will do an artwork entitled "Zosia in the meadow". We will make our ladybug using the origami technique, and we will paint the dots with our own fingers. During the open day, classes will be made more attractive by our general gymnastics instructor with elements of correction.

PC Wilanów - Spring animals

 Is there anything nicer than the first spring rays? The natural world comes to life after winter sleep and small animals are born that will be visited by children during the open day in our kindergarten. Everyone will have a chance to pet the chick, hug the bunny and smell the first spring flowers. During the classes, there will also be orientation and order games with music, improving motor coordination and a sense of rhythm. The colorful animation scarf will turn into an undulating meadow full of colorful spring flowers that children will be able to smell while practicing the correct breathing path. At the end of the class, everyone will make a spring animal using various art techniques.

We invite!

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