April 14 - OPEN DAY at PC Bemowo 1, Białołęka, Bielany, Ursus and Italy

On Saturday, April 14 at At 10:00 we invite you to our 5 kindergartens for open days. 

Detailed program of open days on April 14:

PC Bemowo 1 (ul. Lazurowa 67) - Land of Baloons

On this day, the main attraction of the meeting will be colorful balloons, which we will turn into fairy-tale animals.

In the second part of the meeting, we will invite children to play music, movement and animation games. There will also be play with play dough and piano, thanks to which we will improve fine motor skills. A souvenir from the classes will be a colorful art work entitled "Balloon" made with the use of paints, tissue paper and sequins.

PC Białołęka (ul. Brzozowy Zagajnik 7) - Nature workshops: "Spring animals"

We cordially invite children and parents to the open day as part of adaptation classes. The main attraction of the meeting will be the visit of animals from the country yard. Is there anything more pleasant than the first rays of spring in the sun? The natural world comes to life after winter sleep and small animals are born, which our preschoolers visit. These will be unforgettable moments for the little ones, because you will be able to stroke the chicken, hug the bunny and even smell the first spring flowers. In the second part of the meeting, we will try to overcome a colorful obstacle course, on which the little ones will improve: smoothness of movements, courage and balance. On the other hand, we will practice small motor skills and the efficiency of our fingers by playing with the grains. On this day, babies and their parents will perform a relaxing massage, which is designed to reduce psychophysical tension. Blow yellow feathers will improve correct articulation. At the end of the class, every little preschooler will have the opportunity to make his yellow chick using the origami method.

PC Bielany (ul. Bajana 35) - Spring in the garden - musical and staging games (Studio Rytm)

During the Saturday adaptation classes, children will have the opportunity to do spring cleaning with the accompaniment of Studio Rytm, with musical and staging games. We will also get to know the first spring flowers and the inhabitants of the meadow. We will do breathing exercises using flowers, and we will improve motor skills thanks to a spring walk. We will also dance a spring dance and Lady Spring will teach us songs. On this day, there will be finger games to improve fine motor skills. At the end, together with the children, we will do an art work on spring. We cordially invite you to play together in the spring.

PC Ursus (ul. Rakietników 6) - Today is a spring ball on the green glade

On that day, future preschoolers will be invited to have fun with Mrs. Spring, who will take the children to the green clearing. Each child will receive a gift, a fragrant flower with which we will perform breathing exercises. The little ones get to know the inhabitants of the meadow, developing their natural interests at the same time. They will have the opportunity to develop mathematical competences and count how many dots the ladybird has. We will also do mouth and tongue exercises that develop the speech apparatus by imitating small bees. We will play in bunny races, while developing general physical fitness. Together, we will do the art work "Spring Meadow". By painting with paints, sticking with plasticine and pasting with colored tissue paper, we will practice fine motor skills and develop our imagination. An additional attraction will be theater classes conducted by our instructor, Mr. Zbigniew Kozłowski. During the classes, children will be introduced to the world of theatrical art. Through games and theatrical exercises, they will enrich their own ingenuity, imagination and creative inventiveness, playing different roles, and will also have the opportunity to learn many techniques of the actor's work.

PC Włochy (ul. Śląska 36) - Spring concert

On this day, we invite children to a spring music concert with live music. Children will have the opportunity to develop their musical ear with the sounds of percussion instruments. Music evoking a spring meadow will stimulate children's imagination and sense of rhythm. Children will be able to play "Collecting flowers", improving their hand-eye coordination. Dancing with ribbons will strengthen your little ones' shoulder girdle. During the song "Spring in a blue dress" children will play with paints, creating a background for further creative play. During the classes, we will also do an art work entitled "Crocus" with the use of the paper folding technique, strengthening the hand's motor skills.

We invite!

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