January 18 - OPEN DAY in the Orange Ciuchcia Bielany, Piastów, Ursus and Włochy

On Saturday, January 18 at At 10.00 am we invite you to an open day in the Orange Ciuchcia Bielany, Piastów, Ursus and Włochy. In Bielany, the attractions will include games in English, in Piastów a carnival ball, in Ursus, zumba classes, and in Italy, scientific workshops.

Orange Ciuchcia Bielany (ul. Bajana 35) - Secrets of the jungle - Fun with the English language

The main attraction of the day will be fun games with African animals conducted in ENGLISH by a qualified teacher. There will be plenty of puzzles and games with music, during which each child will be accompanied by an African animal of their choice. The little ones will get acquainted with the English names of animals, they will try to imitate the speech and movement of exotic guests. In memory of the meeting, we will make a carnival mask of the king of animals - a lion, we will also improve eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills.

Orange Ciuchcia Piastów (ul. Warszawska 43) - Long live the ball !!!

This day will be held in our kindergarten CARNIVAL BALL! And this means that it will be colorful, fabulous and fun! Our exceptional dance leaders will open the ball with a welcome dance that will warm our legs and hands. A journey through the land of fairy tales awaits us using unusual means of transport, maybe even with the carpet of Aladdin himself! With various fairy-tale characters, we will discover the unknown and dance and sing. Are you ready for a great time? If so, we invite you! 

As befits a real ball - carnival costumes are welcome!

When choosing an outfit, the only limit is your imagination, so we encourage you to let your imagination run wild and let children dress up as their dream and favorite characters. Adult participants of the prom can also show spontaneity and become their favorite childhood character during the prom. 

Orange Ciuchcia Ursus (ul. Rakietników 6) - On the castle tower - Zumba classes

During our meeting, we will move to a winter land, where the princess and the brave knight will introduce us to various emotions and teach us how to deal with them. As befits brave knights and knights, we will take part in sports competitions and a knight tournament in which we will throw the ball at targets, perfecting gross motor skills. We will sing and dance to the song Fri. "When you are in a good mood ..." by practicing your sense of rhythm. We will make our own crowns, in which we will present ourselves during the royal dance. We will also play with an animation scarf and blankets. The main attraction of the meeting will be zumba dance classes led by our instructor Aleksandra Nadaj and closing in a soap bubble, which will surely appeal to all the little ones. In addition, the program includes, among others face painting, games with balloons, dances to famous children's songs, games in the pool with balls. You're welcome!

Orange Ciuchcia Włochy (ul. Śląska 36) - Scientific workshops

On this day, Mrs. Winter will invite us to play with whom, through a motor story, we will move into the world of fantasy, at the same time perfecting fine motor skills, precision of movements and eye-hand coordination. Another fun will be a snowball fight, which will not only put children in a good mood, but above all, it will have a great impact on the development of fine motor skills and improve the throwing technique. Thanks to Mrs. Winter, whirling snowflakes will appear in our room, which as they fall, will playfully tickle the noses of the children. Babies trying to blow them away will practice the correct breathing path and improve the articulation apparatus. In memory of the snowy adventure, children will make "Winter landscape" art work, using cotton wool and soft cotton pads.

We invite!

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