How to develop a child's interests?

There comes a time when the parent is faced with the decision of choosing a kindergarten for their child. The criteria for looking for a suitable facility are definitely an individual matter, but everyone will admit that nowadays kindergartens compete in the diversity of the offers presented. And so more and more often we come across places with an eco, music or language profile. Such an institution seems to be a fantastic solution for a parent who wants to direct the child in a given field, such as playing an instrument or bilingualism. However, when we take a closer look at it, one fundamental question arises: What about developing other interests?

It is difficult to define precisely what preferences a 3-year-old child may have. Parents very often notice that their child likes to jump to the rhythm of the music, sing, arrange blocks or play with cars. These are definitely important observations, but - as we know - the little child is still developing and getting to know the world around him. Therefore, it may turn out that after a year, the toddler will be much more likely to spend time painting with paints instead of reaching for the puzzle. So let's try to find a place for the child where he will have the opportunity to get to know and try many activities. If we decide on a kindergarten where only music classes will take place, our child will only develop in this direction. We should remember that institutions that offer many different activities really help the child to get to know hitherto undiscovered predispositions and talents. All workshops attended by the preschooler, apart from having fun they primarily fulfill social, health and educational tasks. Sports type of gymnastics are designed to shape the correct posture, correct its defects and develop psychosomatic features. Rhythmic classes they are responsible for sensitizing to music and allow to express emotions in a constructive way. Plasticity it shapes the attitude and creativity, and develops various forms of thinking and perception in a child. Dance and ballet allow you to use excess energy, improve motor coordination. Learning to play instruments trains fine motor skills, teaches concentration, improves memory and facilitates learning. Judo improves overall physical development, shapes the character and proper social development of a child. Learning foreign languages develops mental skills, makes it easier to master speech, broadens the child's knowledge of other cultures. Drama workshops enrich the imagination, awaken reflection, help in understanding different behaviors in others.

According to the theory of Howard Gardner, an American psychologist and specialist in the psychology of learning, each person has a set of eight intelligences, developed to varying degrees. They include: linguistic, mathematical and logical, motor, visual and spatial, musical, natural, intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligences. All of these intelligences are equal potentials that can be activated. They can be educated through a variety of exercises, and their range, including the degree of domination, changes in the course of human development.

Therefore, let's try to provide children with comprehensive development from an early age. Let's not limit our kids, let them get acquainted with each activity. Let them decide for themselves what gives them the greatest joy. Thanks to this, we will contribute to awakening the interests and talents in children and strengthen their social values. 

Anna Watras

educator - early school education
and pre-school

kindergarten's headmaster

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