How to disenchant a child from wearing a diaper?

The upcoming moment when the child enters kindergarten is a good opportunity to introduce some changes in the area of independence. At this time, many parents face the difficult task of teaching a toddler to function without a diaper. We will try to give you some valuable advice that can make cleanliness training lessons easier for both children and their parents.

First of all, remember that every toddler is different and each develops at its own pace: one faster, the other a little slower. There is also no specific age at which to start teaching your baby to wear a diaper. The moment of maturity to begin purity training comes roughly between the 15th and 36th month of life. Everything depends on the individual predispositions of the toddler.

If you find it time to teach your child this skill, be sure to prepare for it. Reserve your time that you will devote fully to your toddler.

Decide what you will replace the diapers with: a potty or a toilet cover? Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages: the potty can be freely manipulated and placed in almost any place in the house, but it must be washed after each use. The overlay will be better for traveling, after using it, you just need to flush the toilet.

When you have made your choice, be sure to explain to your child what the potty or cushion is for and how to use them. You can start by planting dolls or teddy bears on the potty. Place the potty in a place accessible to the toddler, thanks to which he will get used to it faster. It is worth going to the store together and letting the child choose an overlay or potty, which will encourage them to use it. 

Stop wearing a diaper during the day, but keep it on at night. A toddler in sleep will not feel the need to use the toilet, and a wet surprise may discourage him from further lessons.

Choose regularity and patience. Remember to put your baby on the potty every night and morning - this will make it easier for him to remember when to pee.

Watch when your baby girl or son has regular and repetitive times of soaking the diaper. This will help you determine the best time to place your baby on the potty.

Many parents prefer summer to start their cleanliness training. When it is warm and an uncontrolled stream will flow over the toddler's feet, there is no fear that he will contract an unwanted cold.

Be a support for your child. Never criticize if you have a "wet mishap", but explain that the best way to avoid similar situations is to sit on the potty. Always praise and reward his successes.

Don't worry about the mess that may arise during the lesson. It's a good idea to roll up the rug and secure the armchairs or couch with an old blanket.

Remember - nothing by force. Do not put too much pressure on the little one. It could have exactly the opposite effect.

And most importantly: persistence leads to success. Keep calm and believe in your baby! You will see that thanks to your help, he will be able to achieve his goal. 

Anna Watras

educator - early school education
and pre-school

kindergarten's headmaster

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