Kindergarten in the Orange Ciuchci - the best preparation for school

Together with parents, we think about the future of our preschoolers, which is why we have prepared a special program Kindergarten in the Orange Cookie. Thanks to him, in known and safe in the kindergarten environment, we will equip children with competences necessary for success in future school education.


Currently, in our 11 facilities, we are recruiting for ZERÓWKI for the 2022/2023 school year.

The tuition fee includes:

  • Bilingualism - including English language clubs (in bilingual groups)
    Through our proprietary bilingualism program, we teach you to communicate freely and express yourself fluently in English. We develop the ability to listen and read comprehension. We are preparing to start education in a bilingual school.
    We create the offer of the clubs individually for each group according to the interests of children. They are conducted 5 days a week by English teachers. The duration of the classes is 30 - 40 minutes.
  • Extended English language program, including additional "Wake up and move" classes (in groups with extended English language)
    Daily 30-minute English classes using songs, dialogues, stories, poems, sketches, and games that encourage children to communicate in English. The teaching content is attractive and appropriately matched to the language competences of preschoolers.
    Additionally, 30-minute classes every day WAKE UP AND MOVE.
  • English lessons with the interactive robot Emys
    Emys - educational social robot that feels, sees, hears and reacts to touch. He can involve children in joyful play. It reacts to a lot of accessories - interactive cards, badges, stickers and plush toys. They arouse children's curiosity, which makes them begin to communicate and function in English.
  • Spanish lessons *thanks to which we will prepare children to use one of the most popular languages in the world.
    * does not apply to Zerówka from Józefosław
  • Learning to write and read through the Glottodidactics methodand
    We develop language competences, we teach the proper pronunciation and style of expression, argumentation and self-presentation. We shape the ability to read and write, we develop spelling sensitivity and awareness. We try to show children reading as an excellent way to obtain information on their own. We teach how to use various sources of knowledge.
  • Math classes
    We equip the child with the competences necessary to learn science. We develop mathematical and logical skills, we teach how to draw conclusions, associate, classify and cause and effect thinking.
  • Chess*
    Classes thanks to which we develop strategic thinking, concentration, the ability to make decisions and provide comprehensive mind training. The skills acquired during the classes will be able to be tested by the children during the pre-school chess tournament.
    * does not apply to Zerówka from Józefosław
  • programming
    We develop IT and scientific and technical competences, logical thinking skills, algorithmic intuition as well as wise, conscious and safe use of new technologies necessary in the modern world.
  • Upbringing in the spirit of Positive Discipline
    We discover how capable and competent each child is. We strengthen self-esteem, self-confidence, awareness of personal strength and autonomy. We teach effective communication and problem-solving skills. We develop internal motivation to act.
  • Little Financier - own project
    The aim of the project is to provide children with elementary knowledge in the field of small economy, finance, entrepreneurship and raising their financial awareness. Through the proposed activities, games and trips, we want to introduce children to the secrets of conscious planning of expenses, saving and caring for the environment. The project is carried out in weekly blocks, once a semester.
  • Kindly leaders - own project
    It teaches important social and life skills: respect, caring for others, cooperation, empathy. Once a week, six-year-olds provide knowledge, help and support to preschoolers from younger groups. They activate the little ones by inviting them to play together, and through modeling they support them in shaping self-service skills and independence in action.
  • The project is carried out with students from grades 1-3 Gaudeamus Bilingual Primary School
    We carry out a joint project at least once a semester with students from grades 1-3 from Gaudeamus schools. The subject of the project is selected according to the individual needs and possibilities of the group in consultation with teachers teaching in the classes selected for the project. There will be a trip to Gaudeamus school or a local primary school once per semester. 
  • Elements of Assessment for Learning used in some schools

    - We list the purpose of the lesson - in order for children to acquire the skills to manage the process of "learning" and to be able to independently assess to what extent they have achieved the intended goal.
    - We use sticks - that is, spatulas with the names of children, which help us organize the discussion and ensure that every preschooler is a participant in it. They also help with divisions when it comes to pair or team tasks.
    - We use lights - that is, three-color signaling that allows children, while working independently, to assess how they are coping with the task and let the teacher know about it. Green means they are doing great. Yellow indicates difficulty and informs that the child will need help at some stage of the solution. Red color is information that the child needs immediate clarification of doubts he has - because without it he cannot solve the task.
    - We apply the feedback "Two stars and one wish", i.e. in a friendly and respectful way, we show children not only the strengths of their work, but also what could be done better. We also apply the technique to the first peer-grading attempts - to show six-year-olds how much they can learn from each other.

We have prepared especially for parents THE ORANGE ACADEMY OF THE PARENT a series of free workshops / webinars, thanks to which:

  • we will help parents to better understand themselves and their children and their needs
  • we will develop parental competences and support in making educational and upbringing decisions
  • we will create a space for mutual exchange of experiences and inspiration

Do you want to know more about our ZERO? 
Make an appointment with the director of the selected facility: 

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