We introduce Bilingual FULL TIME

We are constantly wondering what we can improve - what to do so that our pupils spend their time in kindergarten in a nice and creative way, so that they are even better prepared for the next educational stages - and for life.

The bilingual program that we currently have in our kindergartens works perfectly. However, this does not mean that we want to rest on our laurels and not think about looking for new ideas.

In the upcoming school year, we are expanding our offer to include full-time bilingualism - English Full Time. In such groups, the English-speaking teacher will be with the children for 8 hours every day.

In English Full Time groups - in addition to all-day contact with the English language - children take part in organized language learning classes twice a day, during which:

  • we implement the program,
  • we shape cooperation and concentration,
  • we develop multiple intelligences and interests

all this in an atmosphere of joy, fun full of singing and movement.


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