Passepartout 2018 - Herbal adventure

This week we went to a unique place surrounded by forest and meadows. We knew from the very beginning that the stay at Smyków Farm would be successful :). After leaving the coaches, we saw the Lady in a huge hat ... It turned out that it was Mrs. Karolina, who is an herbalist, and she will take us on an adventure in the land of herbs. She introduced us to the resources of herbal vegetation in a very interesting way and told us about their useful application. After the theoretical part, it's time to practice :) So we went to a nearby meadow to find the herbs we were talking about. Each of us could create a bouquet for ourselves, which we then took home for our loved ones. Finally, we collected wild strawberry leaves to make an infusion of them, which works very well for stressed bellies :). However, this was not the end of the attractions that awaited us. We could go through the sensory path, where at the end there was waiting for us ... splashing in the mud :). Walking through the straw maze, we practiced the sense of orientation in the field and perceptiveness. Then, with the collected herbs, we fed the animals living on the farm. Finally, huge soap bubbles were waiting for us, which flickered with all the colors of the rainbow thanks to the rays of the sun falling on them. Well ... it was a pity to come back 🙁

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