Passepartout 2017 - Folwark Bródno

Communing with the world of fauna and flora is a very important issue that has a huge impact on the development of children. During another holiday trip, we took part in an unforgettable zoological lesson and visited farms where rural animals live peacefully. Our preschoolers got to know the cow Krystyna, who ate the hay served by the children, and the goats that interestingly stuck their heads behind the fence and tried to greet us with a loud "meee!". 

However, we devoted the most attention to farm birds. We could observe ducks, turkeys, geese and crested ducks up close. Some of us even managed to pet a rooster! The guide showed us the differences between the eggs of individual species of poultry, and also gave us an amazing, scientific show. Thanks to him, we learned how to distinguish a fresh egg from a non-fresh one, why the chickens do not crush the laid eggs, and how to cleverly separate the egg white from the yolk. 

Finally, we went to the vegetable garden, where we tried to distinguish and name a variety of vegetables and fruits. We were even able to try sweet tomatoes, picked straight from the bush! 

Thanks to the invitation to the Folwark, we were able to spend one of the holiday days in an idyllic atmosphere. We hope that the inhabitants of this place have fond memories of our preschoolers and will recognize us when we visit them again.

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