March 9 - OPEN DAY at PC Bemowo 1, Bielany, Jabłonna and Mokotów

On Saturday, March 9 at We invite you to our 4 kindergartens for open days. Here is the detailed schedule of activities:

PC Bemowo 1 (ul. Lazurowa 67) - Królewna Różyczka 

On this day, we will invite our youngest viewers to a theater entitled "Princess Rose". During the show, the children will go to the beautiful Pink Kingdom. They will meet the forgetful Fairy, the shy Paz, the Vegetarian Dragon and, of course, Princess Różyczka. What adventures await the title character? Are all dragons really dangerous? Is the Pink Kingdom real? We will find answers to these and other questions during this extraordinary performance. There will be a lot of singing, dancing and a joyful atmosphere. At the end of fairy-tale adventures, everyone will be able to stroke a friendly dragon and take a photo with him. After the performance, we will invite children to playful games with an animation scarf to develop motor coordination and gross motor skills.

PC Bielany (ul. Bajana 35) - Secrets of the jungle: games with the English language 

At the beginning of the meeting, the little ones will have the opportunity to develop their creativity and imagination, playing freely in the corners of creative activity. Then we will invite all participants to fun games in English, during which we will explore the secrets of the jungle. Each child will choose their own African pet to accompany them during all the games. While traveling through the jungle, the little ones will learn the English names of animals, they will try to imitate exotic guests with their voice and movement. During the trip, there will also be singing in English and making music on percussion instruments. In memory of the trip, we will make the figure of the king of all wild animals - a lion, while improving the ability to reproduce and perceptiveness. At the end of the meeting, we will invite children to have fun with an animation scarf and exercise on shapes developing great motor skills and a sense of balance.

PC Jabłonna (ul. Przylesie 14) - March caprices

On this day, the classes will be dominated by musical attractions provided by the extra-curricular instructor who conducts rhythmics classes with elements of a children's orchestra in our kindergarten. At the beginning of the meeting, we will invite all the little preschoolers to a great March cooking session. Together, we will go on a journey, during which we will have the opportunity to collect all the weather ingredients and prepare a real March weather from them. We will try to dance a spring dance together with the use of colorful circus scarves and balls to the rhythm of the song "Marching Spring". During the classes, we will also have the opportunity to actively participate in the spring concert, playing percussion instruments: rattles, janissaries, drums, triangles and cymbals. This game will not only help us shape musical ear and sense of rhythm, but also develop the ability to respond to changes in the pace and dynamics of music. To the accompaniment of spring songs, we will make an artistic work called "Tulip", imprinting our own hands painted with paint on the paper. This form of artistic activity wonderfully develops the sense of touch, gives the opportunity to experience various textures and consistencies.

PC Mokotów (ul. Postępu 17B) - Królik Maciek speaks English 

On this day, we will invite children to fun games in English, led by a qualified English teacher and a special guest - Królik Maciek. At the beginning of the meeting, we will visit the enchanted pantry of Rabbit Maciek. We will learn the English names of vegetables and fruits, from which we will then prepare a healthy salad. During the tasting of the prepared snack, we will perform mouth and tongue exercises to improve the articulation apparatus. Then, Królik Maciek will invite us to participate in his favorite music and movement games, the purpose of which will be to develop motor coordination and general physical fitness. We will joyfully sing, dance and make music on percussion instruments. Taking care of the social and emotional development of children, Maciek will also invite us to integration games with an animation scarf. At the end of the meeting, we will make a portrait of the rabbit made of origami circles.

On this day, a special offer applies: when enrolling a child in a kindergarten group, we offer a 50 % discount for additional classes for 2 months.

We invite!

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