June 8 - OPEN DAYS in PC Bielany, Józefosław and Ursus

On Saturday, June 8 from 10-12 we invite you to open days to the next 3 kindergartens. Here is a detailed program of activities on this day:

PC Bielany - Scientific workshops: dry ice 

On this day, we invite children to a special meeting, during which we will turn into real scientists and examine a mysterious substance with unusual properties. Together with the instructor, we will conduct experiments with dry ice. We will learn what this substance is characterized by, we will build a tower from huge bubbles, and we will also take a shower in the fog. In the second part of the meeting, we will make a portrait of a mad scientist, using colored tissue paper and art aids. While playing with various plastic masses, we will practice small motor skills. There will also be musical games with an animation scarf to the rhythm of favorite songs and playing together on percussion instruments.

PC Józefosław - Wesoła Farma 

We will start our meeting with games in the corners of interest. Thanks to them, the child develops its independence, creativity, and gets to know the immediate surroundings. Then we will invite all participants to greet each other and finger games in a circle. On this day, nature workshops will be the main attraction. Is there anything more pleasant than the first rays of spring and summer sun? The natural world comes to life after a winter dream ... and small animals are born that will visit our kindergarten that day. These will surely be unforgettable moments, as each child will have the opportunity to stroke the chicken, hug the bunny, feed the duckling and smell the colorful flowers. The last part of our meeting will include, depending on the weather conditions, free games in the gym or the kindergarten playground.

PC Ursus - In the circus

On this day we will go to the circus. Together with the cheerful clown, we will take part in music and movement games that shape musical imagination, movement expression and a sense of rhythm. We will also train our speech organs by imitating a clown and making funny faces. A visit from a horse from the Kucania Academy will be a pleasant surprise during the meeting. It will be an opportunity to find out how horses live, what they eat and how to behave in their presence. Maybe we will even manage to feed and groom our guest. An unquestionable attraction will be a pony ride. In addition, the program includes, among others face painting, balloon games, ball pool games. A nice touch at the end of our meeting will be a sweet snack.

You're welcome!

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