June 29 - OPEN DAYS at PC Bemowo 1, Bemowo 2, Białołęka and Jabłonna

On Saturday, June 29 from 10-12 we invite you to our 4 kindergartens for open days. 

On this day, we invite both children who are not yet preschoolers and older children whose parents are considering changing the kindergarten for various reasons.

IMPORTANT: contracts signed in these institutions still in June (for the current year or subsequent preschool years) are covered by a special offer. We invite!

Here is a detailed program of activities for this day:

PC Bemowo 1 (ul. Laszurowa 67) - Holiday journeys 

On this day, we will go on a holiday trip, during which many attractions will be waiting for us. After a cheerful greeting, we'll get ready to go. While completing the garment and the necessary accessories, we will improve our understanding of our own body pattern. The real challenge will be choosing the means of transport! In a speech therapy game with the use of onomatopoeic words, we will warm our mouth and tongue, turning into various vehicles. The way to the seaside will be made more pleasant by music and movement with the song "Long live holidays!". After reaching the place, we will organize a real frolic on the beach. Playing with an animation scarf, swimming in salt water and playing football will provide us with many positive impressions and put us in a joyful mood. Then we will relax and rest on blankets during some calming and relaxing games. At the end of our holiday trip, we will do an art work - "Sea landscape" with the use of paints, transparent foil, seashells, pebbles and sand.

PC Bemowo 2 (ul. Kaliskiego 23B) - Singing pianos 

On this day, we invite children to the world of music. Our guide will be a qualified rhythmics instructor. To the accompaniment of the piano, we will dance, sing, play percussion instruments, thus developing musical audibility, a sense of rhythm, and musical sensitivity. Playing with music will also be a great opportunity to express your emotions and build self-esteem. As part of social development, we will perform the so-called special tasks, thus practicing listening and following instructions. Let's also learn to name different rooms in the kindergarten, items located in the classroom and activities. At the end of the meeting, we will make our own musical instrument using a variety of materials.

PC Białołęka and PC Jabłonna - A fun circus 

On this day, our kindergarten will turn into a circus arena. There will be a lot of fun and laughter. Clowns will prepare a lot of circus tricks for us. Together with them, to the rhythm of circus music, we will conjure up beautiful flowers from colorful scarves and perform circus acrobatics that require concentration and concentration. We will try to find circus animals hidden in the room. We will also create a circus orchestra, getting to know a variety of musical instruments. Together, we will take part in an acrobatics show and learn a few figures and exercises related to it. The summary of our meeting will be a portrait of our circus guest - an acrobat. We will use tissue paper, dry and oil pastels as well as plasticine and creative wires.

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