October 26 - OPEN DAY at PC Bemowo I, Bemowo II, Józefosław, Piastów

On Saturday, October 26 from 10.00-12.00 we invite you to OPEN DAYS to four kindergartens: Bemowo I, Bemowo II, Józefosław and Piastów. In Bemowo I, the attractions of the day will be zumba classes, in Bemowo II - fun games with music, in Józefosław a performance by the Duet Jaha Theater "Awakening of the Marauds", and in Piastów "Autumn Ball". 

Here is a detailed program of adaptation activities on this day:  

PC Bemowo I (ul. Laurowa 67) - Colorful World

On this day, we invite you to an enchanted land full of colors and sounds. There will be plenty of attractions waiting for us there. We will start with a zumba show performed by a professional instructor. We play the roles of dancers, thus developing a sense of rhythm and general physical fitness. Musical rhythms will be accompanied by fun with an animation scarf and pompoms, which will surely bring a lot of joy to everyone. During the meeting, there will be magic of huge soap bubbles. Or maybe someone can jump inside the bubble? Lots of attractions guaranteed.

PC Bemowo II (ul. Kaliskiego 23 B) - Meeting with a bear

On this day, we will meet a bear cub who will take us on a trip to the forest. We will listen to the rustling of trees and meet forest inhabitants. We will also go mushroom picking and try to pick only those that are edible. Together with the bear cub and his friends, we will have fun with music. During the meeting, there will also be fun games on the obstacle course. Finally, we will make a portrait of a bear and try a bear delicacy.

PC Józefosław (ul. Ogrodowa 20 B) - "Awakening the King of Maruds" Theater

On this day, we cordially invite you to the theater performance entitled "Waking up the Freak Princess" performed by Jaha duo actors. It will be an interactive performance during which we will try to wake up Princess Maruda and show her that happiness and meaning are in small, simple things. It is a great adventure integrating actors, children and adults. It will be accompanied by singing, dancing, conversations and a joyful atmosphere. The entire performance is based on the pedagogical drama technique, which allows children to play fairy-tale roles and thus overcome their shyness and integrate with other children. The last part of our meeting will include movement games on the obstacle course. 

PC Piastów (ul. Warszawska 43) - Bal Jesieni

Autumn has come to Piastów for good, so we are organizing a festive ball in its honor! We will dance, play and eat delicious snacks served in autumn scenes. We will take part in many activities, games and competitions on the autumn theme. We will collect chestnuts, cones and leaves, developing fine motor skills at the same time. There will be opportunities to practice fitness and motor coordination while jumping over puddles and playing with raindrops.

As befits a real prom - we invite you in ball dresses!

We encourage children's creations to be in the colors of autumn.

You can also dress up as autumn forest gnomes, hedgehogs, foxes, squirrels, etc.

We invite you to have fun together!

We are waiting for you !

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