June 24 - OPEN DAY at PC Bemowo 1, Józefosław and Italy

June 24 at 10.00 a.m. we invite you to the last open days this school year. 

Detailed program of open days on June 24:

PC Bemowo 1 (ul. Lazurowa 67) - Holiday journeys 

In today's class, we will go on a holiday trip and a wonderful surprise will be waiting for us. After a happy greeting together, we will prepare for the road. While completing the garment and the necessary accessories, we will improve our understanding of our own body pattern. The real challenge will be choosing the means of transport! In a speech therapy game with the use of onomatopoeic words, we will warm our mouth and tongue, turning into various vehicles. The way to the sea will be made more pleasant by music and movement with the song "Long live holidays!". After reaching the destination, we will take advantage of the summer weather and organize a real frolic on the beach. Playing with an animation scarf, swimming in salt water and playing football will provide us with many positive impressions and put us in a joyful mood. Then we will relax and rest on blankets (calming, finger and relaxation games). At the end of our holiday trip, we will do an art work - "Sea landscape" with the use of paints, transparent foil, shells, pebbles and sand (developing small motor skills).

PC Józefosław (ul. Ogrodowa 20B) - Animals in the kindergarten

We will start the meeting with games in the corners of interest. Thanks to them, the child develops its independence, creativity, and gets to know the immediate surroundings. Then we will invite all participants to greet each other and finger games in a circle. On this day, our kindergarten will be visited by animals, bunnies, lizards, turtles. Children will be able to look closely at them, stroke them, and find out where the animals live, what they eat and what their habits are. Then, bearing in mind the natural need for movement, we will dance to the rhythm of preschool hits. There will also be a meeting with the children's favorite - Ms. Rainbow. As part of the artistic activity, we will make a happy bunny, developing creativity, creativity and manual dexterity. We will end our meeting with free play on the playground or gym.

PC Włochy (ul. Śląska 36) - Holidays by the sea 

On this day, the little ones will go on a journey to the seaside, where sea animals will be waiting for them. Children will learn the secrets of the underwater world and practice the correct breathing path while playing "Sea breeze". During the classes, there will be a colorful scarf that will invite all travelers to play "Waves two". The shell obstacle course will be an excellent opportunity to improve hand-eye coordination. Children will also make an art work "Sea Fish", using pasta and colored paper. An additional attraction on this day will be the Theater Fri "Sea stories".


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