January 19 - OPEN DAY at PC Bemowo 1, PC Józefosław and PC Ursus

On Saturday, January 19 at We invite you to our three kindergartens for open days. Below we provide a detailed description of the adaptation activities.

PC Bemowo 1 (ul. Lazurowa 67) - Sensoplasty "In the land of ice" 

During the classes, we will take the children to the land of eternal ice, where we will meet the animals that live there. We will feed seals and polar bears with fish, we will learn to walk like penguins. We will dance a penguin dance together. Together with the Eskimos, we will jump on the crash and walk on snowshoes, while developing motor coordination and gross motor skills. We will also remind you of the rules of proper dressing when it is cold. We will do breathing exercises by the fire in the igloo. During the next play with discs of different textures, we will develop the sense of touch. Then we will paint winter landscapes on large sheets of paper. Instead of brushes, we will use our fingers. The aim of the art work will be to provide tactile stimuli, improve hand-eye coordination and precise movements of the fingers and wrist.

PC Józefosław (ul. Ogrodowa 20B) - In the world of witchcraft and magic 

We will start our meeting with games in the corners of interest. Thanks to them, the child develops its independence, creativity, and gets to know the immediate surroundings. Then we will invite all participants to greet each other and finger games in a circle. On this day, our classes will be held in an atmosphere of magic and magic. The special guest will be Magik Rob, who will present the children with a performance filled with fun, laughter, humor and, of course, magic. Rob will be accompanied by a very nice plush dog Ruffi, who can also do magic tricks. During the meeting, there will be puzzles, competitions, conjuring together and fun games with an animation scarf.

PC Ursus (ul. Rakietników 6) - On the castle tower 

During our meeting, we will move to a winter, fairy-tale land, where the princess and the brave knight will introduce us to emotions: joy, sadness, anger and teach us how to deal with them. Children, as brave knights, will take part in sports competitions and a knight tournament. They will throw the ball at the targets, improving gross motor skills and accuracy. They will sing and dance to the song "When you have good mood ...", practicing the sense of rhythm and musical ear. Then the little ones will make their own crowns, in which they will present themselves in the royal dance. We will also play together with an animation scarf and blankets. Additional attractions on this day will be: face painting, playing with balloons, dancing to famous children's songs, games in the pool with balls. A nice touch at the end of our meeting will be a sweet snack.

You're welcome!

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