June 10 - OPEN DAY in PC Mokotów, Pruszków and Wilanów.

On Saturday, June 10 at At 10.00 am we invite you to open days to the next three Orange Ciuchcia kindergartens.

 In Mokotów Actor Zbyszek Kozłowski will invite to drama games, in Pruszków the attractions will be science workshops and games in English, and in Wilanów - a soap bubble show.

Detailed program of open days on June 10:

PC Mokotów (ul. Postępu 17B - Adgar Plaza B) - Drama games with the actor Zbyszek Kozłowski 

On this day, children will turn into travelers and set off into the unknown, looking for dinosaurs. By taking part in drama games, they will develop their imagination and eye-hand coordination. As part of music and movement games, they will learn a dance arrangement for a song about a dinosaur. By imitating the sounds of these large creatures, the little ones will take part in emission games. They will learn songs and movement games that shape musical imagination, movement expression and a sense of rhythm. Children will also enjoy playing with soap bubbles and painting their faces.

The main attraction will be drama games with the famous actor and animator Mr. Zbyszek Kozłowski.

PC Pruszków (ul. Gałczyńskiego 31 - Osiedle Suunhouse) - In Kółeczków 

On that day, the children will set off to the extraordinary land of Kółeczkowo, where everything is round. Using a round scarf, we will summon our guest - Little Balloon, who will show us the power of breathing and articulation games. Then we will set off to find the town of colored balls, which are most fond of bouncing on an animation cloth. We will also play in pairs and try to practice dexterity by catching soap bubbles. Little Balloon will teach children a thematic nursery rhyme and with the use of spells summon funny balls-masseuses, which will be used for relaxation games. At the end of the class, we will do art work with origami circles. Additional attractions of this day will be scientific workshops, during which we will learn where the rainbow comes from and games in English.

PC Wilanów 9 ul. Vogla 11) - Bańkowo, colorful 

On this day, our kindergarten will turn into a small laboratory, and children into scientists. Thanks to special guests, we will conduct interesting experiments and broaden our knowledge about the world around us. Since each of us loves colors, they will not be missing later in our meeting. Thanks to Mrs. Tęcza and her colorful creation, the little ones will be able to integrate and learn basic colors. To make our games even more fun, there will be a soap bubble show. Willing people will be able to do them on their own.


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