June 1 - OPEN DAYS at PC Bemowo 2, Mokotów and Piastów

On Saturday, June 1 from From 10 am to 12 am we invite you to celebrate the Children's Day together with the open day in our 3 kindergartens. And here is the detailed program of the open days on this day:

PC Bemowo 2 (ul. Urbanowicza 23B) - Magic Day - visit of Magician Rob 

On the occasion of Children's Day, we invite you to a special meeting with the magician Rob. Together with our guest, we will move to the world of magic, spells and fun. Children will have the opportunity to actively participate in the show and assist in the performance of magic tricks. The performance will be dynamic and full of energy, and above all, very diverse. In addition to conjuring together, there will be mascots and balloon animals very much liked by children. In memory of the meeting, the children will make magic wands that they will take home. In the second part of the meeting, we will invite kids to playful music and movement games with an animation scarf and to search for missing objects, thus developing perceptiveness and orientation in space.

PC Mokotów - A journey with the Magician Rob to the world of illusion 

The main attraction of the meeting will be a magic performance by Magician Rob. It will be a time of fun and laughter. For Rob, active participation of small spectators in the performance is very important. Children will shout magic passwords, make magic gestures. They will also assist Rob in performing magic tricks. At the end of the show, the magician will conjure up a balloon animal for each participant. In the second part of the meeting, the time spent together will be made more pleasant by music and movement games. We will also perform a series of speech therapy tasks. By practicing the articulation apparatus, we will learn to blow and breathe. There will also be movement games on the obstacle course, the aim of which will be to develop physical fitness and gross motor skills. At the end of the meeting, we will do art work that will affect the development of fine motor skills and the aesthetic sense.

PC Piastów - Children's Day

On this day, we will celebrate the most important holiday of the year with dignity! Adults, thanks to magic spells, will wake up children sleeping in their bodies, and the youngest will be able to enjoy two hours of fantastic and magical fun. And literally, because we will be visited by a real and unique magician who will present great tricks and make our eyes big with amazement! We will also look inside a soap bubble and check what the world looks like from behind a soap wall. Finally, we will all take part in Zumba's dance classes together. We will supplement the calories burned during the dance with a prepared snack!

You're welcome!

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