February 1 - OPEN DAY in the Orange Ciuchcia Italy, Pruszków, Józefosław and Centrum

On Saturday, February 1 at At 10.00 am we invite you to our four kindergartens.

Detailed program of open days and activities on this day:

Orange Ciuchcia Centrum (ul. Rondo ONZ 1)

- In the world of magic and witchcraft

On this day, we will move to the world of witchcraft and magic. During this fantastic journey, there will be a flying piece of paper, a disappearing handkerchief, a cell in a balloon, a magic coloring book, and even multiplying balls. We will also get to know many other magical curiosities related to the illusion. The performance will be colored with a solid dose of humor, and the visit of a real magician will undoubtedly be a great attraction for our little ones. At the end, we will take part in games with an animation scarf and make a magical art work full of trinkets and glitter.

Orange Ciuchcia Józefosław (ul. Ogrodowa 20 B)

- My cat friend

On this day, we will meet the cat Filemon, who will invite us to play and familiarize us with cat habits. Filemon will teach us cat language, thanks to which we will improve our speech organs and show cat tricks that will develop our motor skills. As part of the art work, we will create a portrait of a kitten. The last stage of the meeting will be fun games with an animation scarf and games on shaped pieces developing great motor skills and motor coordination.

Orange Ciuchcia Pruszków (ul. Gałczyńskiego 31)

- Carnival ball and music concert

On this day, the carnival decor of our kindergarten will put all our guests in a joyful, fairy-tale atmosphere from the very front door. The main attraction of the meeting will be a music concert led by a musician - Łukasz Dąbrowski. The lecturer will show us the structure and sound of a certain musical instrument. What? We'll find out during the concert! We will also have the opportunity to participate in various forms of musical activity, such as playing instruments or active listening to music, thus developing a sense of rhythm, musical ear and gross motor skills. We hope that all our guests will have fun on that day, and that the smile will not disappear from their faces, even in spite of the momentary tiredness with happy dancing.

On this day, we encourage children to dress up in carnival costumes!

Orange Ciuchcia Italy (ul. Śląska 36)

- Fun with the English language

On this day, we will invite children to playful activating and integrating games in English. Together, we will play with the animation scarf, we will sing well-known and liked songs, accompanying the percussion instruments. There will also be finger and sensory games perfecting fine motor skills and movement games on the obstacle course. At the end of the meeting, we will make an artwork "Five little monkeys" using a variety of art materials.

You're welcome!

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