Winter walk with a child

Frost covered the world with its coating. The cold stings on the cheeks, and the most pleasant moments of the day are those spent at home, with a cup of tea or hot cocoa. But winter is not just sitting under a warm blanket. Even in frosty weather, walking with your baby can be enjoyable and certainly necessary. However, remember to properly prepare your toddler for them. We advise you on how to organize winter trips with your child.

We should go out with a sweat at any age, even a baby. However, temperature will play a key role. At -10aboutC it is better to stay at home with a few months old baby. Above this limit, the baby should get used to the weather conditions, starting walks from 5 to 10 minutes and gradually lengthening them.

A cold is not an obstacle in enjoying the charms of winter journeys. If the child is not feverish, he or she can go out. Large groups of people should be avoided, as it is the easiest way to catch the infection from others. Fresh air is healthy and has a positive effect on well-being and physical condition.

When preparing your child for a walk, dress them according to the weather. In winter, the best solution is to wear the so-called "Onion". Avoid overheating the toddler. In the event that it turns out to be too hot, we should have easy access to remove one layer of clothing from the child. If we go out with a toddler who is lying in a stroller, we should make sure that he has one layer of clothing more than the parent and additionally cover him with a blanket. Choose comfortable clothes that do not restrict your movements. Underwear should fit snugly to the body to retain heat, but not too tight.

A jumpsuit is a great option for frosty days. For babies, one-piece is best, but two-piece ones are perfect for older children. The material from which the suit is made is very important. Cotton or other breathable fabric will be best.

In winter, your child should drink a lot to keep the skin moisturized from the inside. We should also try to take care of humid air in the apartment, e.g. using a humidifier or ordinary, damp towels hanging on the radiator. In order to prevent painful and unpleasant irritation, before each going for a walk, the child's mouth should be covered with a moisturizing cream that will protect the skin against external factors. Avoid creams with a high water content, which make the skin cool faster and which can also lead to unpleasant frostbite. The cream should be washed off the face after returning home.

While walking, make sure your baby is not too cold or too hot. The best way is to touch the baby's neck. If the skin is cold or sweaty - we must return home with the strand as soon as possible so as not to expose it to frost or infections.

Anna Watras

educator - early school education
and pre-school

kindergarten's headmaster

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