Plan Easter with your child!

Easter is fast approaching. What to do to make the preparation time fun and easy for both parents and children? It is worth checking out some useful ideas that will help you get involved in the atmosphere of the upcoming holiday.

Shared cleaning

Pre-holiday cleanup consumes the power of adults' time and energy. When getting to work, everyone hopes that the apartment will be cleaned as soon as possible. However, it is necessary to take into account the constant presence of the toddler who will demand our attention and interrupt the work that has already begun. That is why it is worth engaging the child in helping with cleaning in such a way that he feels not only proud and satisfied with the work done, but also has a lot of fun. Thanks to this, he will focus on the task entrusted to him for a long time.

Toddlers love games where they can splash a little, so you can ask your child to clean small [and absolutely unbreakable!] Items in a bowl of water. You can also take products out of your home pantry and suggest segregating them and putting them in a properly designated place. Geometric figures cut out of colored papers will work perfectly here - a toddler can put fruit and vegetables in a container with a red circle, and pasta and rice in a cupboard with a green square.

Christmas decorations

Preparing Christmas decorations together is one of the most favorite and pleasant ways of spending time for children. Painting Easter eggs with paints and glitters is just one of the few activities worth taking care of. We can entrust the responsibility for planting cress or oats, and then taking care of watering the seeds on a daily basis, to our toddler. Arranging the Easter basket in a basket, flowers in a vase, as well as decorating a child's room should also be left to his creativity. Searching the internet, you can find a lot of interesting inspirations that will help the parent create unique Christmas decorations together with the child.

Pre-holiday shopping

If you go for large Easter shopping together with your offspring, you can prepare a separate, pictorial shopping list for him. His task will be to find the right products in the store, thanks to which the toddler will focus his attention on the task for a longer time and will not be bored.

Cooking together

During cooking, we can also count on a lot of help from our child. The easiest way to engage it will be to measure and pour the necessary products. The toddler can also mix ingredients, prepare appropriate containers, decorate baked goods. A child can spend a long time kneading and cutting dough.

Immersive activities

If we want to keep our toddler busy and have some time for ourselves, we recommend playing hidden Easter eggs. They can be ordinary, chocolate eggs bought in a supermarket, hidden in various parts of the house / yard. Each found egg must be noted by the child on the card, e.g. with a drawing corresponding to the color of the packaging or the location of the found egg.

Or maybe you know interesting ways to involve your child in Christmas preparations? If so, be sure to share them with us! 🙂

Anna Watras

educator - early school education
and pre-school

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