March 24 - OPEN DAY at PC Bemowo 2, Białołęka and Pruszków

On Saturday, March 24 at We invite you to our three kindergartens for open days.

Detailed program of open days on March 24:

PC Bemowo 2 - Easter adventure

At the beginning of our meeting, we will invite the little ones to be freely active in the corners of their interest. Thanks to these games, children will stimulate their imagination and creative activity. After greeting, we will play various music and movement games, during which we will refer to the tradition of Easter. Together, we will improve the speech organs through breathing and articulation games. Thanks to the guitar and simple percussion instruments, it will be very musical. We will turn into a small orchestra, playing together to a song about a quarrel of Easter animals, which will help toddlers develop musical sensitivity. A surprise will be a short Easter staging performed by teachers, which will encourage you to look for colorful Easter eggs. During the classes, there will also be games with Mrs. Rainbow, obstacle courses and games on shapes to develop motor coordination and high motor skills. At the end, future preschoolers will do Easter-themed art work.

PC Białołęka - Music concert

On this day, we invite all children to meet with Bell, who will invite us to the musical land for a concert entitled "The Magic Saxophone". We will start the meeting with games in the corners of interest. This activity develops creativity and independence in children and allows them to establish relationships with their peers. The time spent together will be made more pleasant by music and movement games. Together with Dzwoneczek, we will perform a series of speech therapy tasks, including learning to blow and breathe, practicing the articulation apparatus. There will also be numerous motor games on the obstacle course, which are designed to develop physical fitness and gross motor skills. At the end of the meeting, we will perform our own musical instruments.

PC Pruszków - Hello, colorful spring!

On that day, the kindergarten will be visited by Mrs. Spring, who will invite children to play together. Preschoolers, through playing together, will learn what changes take place in nature at the turn of winter and spring. While playing with a colorful animation scarf, children will wake up sleepy bear cubs, swim in the stormy spring sea and hide under a huge umbrella, protecting themselves from spring rain. The aim of these games is to develop the general physical fitness of the little ones and to provide them with visual, tactile and auditory impressions. On this day, there will also be games with colorful dough, which is necessary in improving the efficiency of little hands. The children will also make portraits of Lady Spring. The visit of animals will be an additional attraction on this special day. The little ones will listen to stories about the habits of the guests and stroke the animals associated with the upcoming season.

We invite!

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