June 16 - OPEN DAYS in PC Bielany, Piastów, Ursus and Wilanów

On Saturday, June 16 at At 10.00 am we invite you to open days to the next kindergartens. In Bielany we invite you to nature workshops, and in Piastów - to science workshops. On the other hand, in Ursus and Wilanów, the attractions of the day will be theaters.

Detailed program of open days on June 16:

PC Bielany - Exotic or home - nature workshops

On this day, together with all the children, we will turn our room into a land of exotic and domestic animals. During the nature workshops, we will learn about the habits and appearance of animals known from their native lands as well as exotic corners of the world. During finger games, we will practice small motor skills and check if the kids and adults have all parts of the body. During the mouth and tongue exercises, we will improve our articulation devices, paying attention to proper breathing. Then we will do art work, developing fine motor skills at the same time. There will also be games with a colorful scarf and dough.

PC Piastów - Scientific kindergarten

On that day, we will all turn into real scientists and conduct mysterious research experiments. We will check how different substances react after mixing them with each other, it is possible that something will explode or shine with a magical light. Everything, of course, under the watchful eye of professional scientists, so there is nothing to be afraid of! We cordially invite you to participate in the open day, who knows - perhaps among our youngest guests there are future scientists who will change the modern face of world science.

PC Ursus - At the bottom of the sea

On this day, we cordially invite all children to open classes Fri. "On the bottom of the sea." During the classes, children get to know Mermaid and her water friend Nymph. Together, we will set off on a journey across the deep sea, looking for a goldfish. By taking part in music and movement games, we will learn the dance routine for the song. By imitating the sounds of the sea, children will perfect the articulation apparatus. The participants' task will also be to find golden shells in the sand. The little ones will also make the seabed using various plastic materials. In the second part of the meeting, we will invite the children to watch a theater entitled: "It's summer already, what do you say?" The "Kop" team, which tells about the adventures of a marmot coming on vacation to the seaside. There are many surprises waiting for him. A nice touch at the end of our meeting will be a sweet snack.

PC Wilanów - Because we like to smile!

On this day, we will conjure up a lot of smile and joy. Everyone will be able to present a whole range of funny faces, which will be a training for our faces. There will be dances, jumps and fun with the use of various devices and materials - and this will be a training for our body. And to exercise your fingers and creativity - we will crown ourselves with… crowns :). And when we have a royal accent, we will help our guests from the JaHa duo wake up Princess Maruda, to show her that happiness and meaning can be found in small, simple things. It will be a great adventure integrating adults, children and actors. There will be a lot of dancing, singing, talking and a happy atmosphere!

We invite!

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