October 14 - OPEN DAY at PC Wilanów

On Saturday, October 14, we invite you to an open day at our kindergarten in Wilanów (ul. Vogla 11). The invitation is addressed to children from 1 to 4 years of age who are not yet preschoolers, as well as to their parents / guardians.

On this day, we will invite children and parents to a magical forest for mushroom picking. Together with the bunny they meet on the way, they will play in the forest, which shapes the ability to orientate in space and understand commands. Children will imitate the noise of trees, the splash of water in puddles and the patter of little feet, which will be an excellent exercise in the articulation apparatus. The mysterious Logo bricks will turn into beautiful mushrooms thanks to the magic wand, which children will collect in their baskets. As a reward, they will receive mushroom-toadstool templates, which they can decorate, thus improving fine motor skills and exercising finger muscles, as well as developing imagination and creativity. There will be an attraction for children and parents in the form of a performance by Teatr Dobrego Serca "Fairy-tale room". A fairy-tale room is a great dream of an incorrigible dog who leaves his family kennel and loves Dad to win the first prize at the dog show in the City of Roses. Unfortunately, roses also have thorns! Will the dog give his bowl and collar so he can have some fun? Will it have fleas on its backs instead of a "fairy-tale room"? Everything would have ended badly, if not for the White Kitten following him, paw by paw. But… What will Dad say to all of this ?! "Fairy-tale little room" is a parable about an incorrigible dog and a loving father!

On the open day, parents will have the opportunity to talk to the director of the facility and see the kindergarten's offer.

We invite!

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